Off-Topic — Tennessee may suck at football, but they got this right

Discussion in 'Football' started by Denverhawk1, Sep 11, 2019.

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    Very heart warming. Good job Vols here.
  3. uihawk82

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    That is so cool by the kid, the teacher, by UT . So much to be said here.
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  4. PCHawk

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    Social media gets a lot of flack, but stories like this aren't possible without it. Awesome story.
  5. Chickenlounge

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    Alternative: Kid makes catchy design, Tennessee steals the design, Tennessee makes millions, kid gets a free pair of shoes. Tennessee wins.
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  6. CP87

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    I can't lie, that crossed my mind, too. Seemed too cynical to say out loud. A portion of proceeds goes to an anti-bulling organization. I do wonder what portion? Hopefully, somewhere near 100%.
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  7. ChosenChildren

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    UT is an awesome place. Go down there some time
  8. dirtwrap

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    I think this situation has a lot of parallels with the "student athletes" and getting paid or not getting paid. I am sure this kid really liked and appreciated the care package he received. And i am sure he is honored they made his design on a tshirt. However, its one thing if the university sold a couple hundred tshirts, but a totally different thing if they sell 10,000 or more. I didnt see what they were selling for, but i am sure minimum of $20 when they have $3 in them, so there is a lot of profit there. I know that i was that kids father, i would have a problem with it if it was rubbed in my face like that, where they are selling out and ordering more, etc. We also dont know the arrangement that UT made with this kid, but we do know that UT is less than transparent on how muvh of the money is going to the charity and how it is used.
  9. Fryowa

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    Let's not...
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  10. DDThompson

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    They had to figure out some way to sell Vol hear this year.
  11. DDThompson

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    Does it come with matching paper bag for the head?
  12. Fryowa

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    Also, this kid will obviously have the last laugh when he's making six figures being a creative dude somewhere and those girls who were making fun of him are in a Knoxville trailer park waiting for their EBT cards to get refilled so they can buy smokes to pay the dope man. At least that's how I hope it will go.
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  13. ChosenChildren

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    Why are you guys being so cynical. It is not about the dollars. My God.

    Tennessee just offered the kid a FOUR YEAR FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP. He is only a fourth grader. By 2030 or whenever he starts, that is probably a $200,000 to $300,000 package.

    Tennessee is a special place. They have great people down there. Do not be so cynical. This is a great story. Sometimes people do the right thing.

    Adam Rittenberg is covering the story in great detail on ESPN. Check it out.
  14. #1DieHardHawk

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    Most Tennessee fans aren't too bad either. I remember when Patrick was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, many fans came on Iowa boards expressing their concern and good wishes. Class thing to do.
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    This is Tennessee's "Wave" I think it's an amazing story and I can be cynical but I think everyone's heart (except those girls) is in the right place on this. Love to see 10,000 UT students wearing this shirt and spotlighting the need to end bullying.
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  16. dirtwrap

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    I didnt know that, so that is cool they are taking care of the kid. I am glad they are doing that.
  17. dirtwrap

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    Thank you for contributing with such insight. It is great to have such a wise and all-knowing person on this board.
  18. Denverhawk1

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    No offense, but so what?? So what if Tennessee made a couple hundred grand. Tennessee makes MILLIONS every single Saturday there’s a game there. They make MILLIONS on shirts sold over the course of a season. What are they supposed to do? They could have done nothing. They don’t have to do anything. Then the kid still gets bullied. The kid doesn’t get a full ride to Tennessee. I’m a capitalist. If Tennessee can make some money AND make a little kid feel great, more power to them. I just don’t understand why the University can’t get paid as well.
  19. dirtwrap

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    Again, we dont know the arrangement that was made with the kid and the kids parents, so they could have offered him a royalty to use his design and his story from the beginning. Maybe not. But UT certainly didnt say that in their press release other than "a portion of the proceeds goes to ....". Capitalism goes both ways here. Imagine if, after this story went viral that the kid went and printed a bunch of tshirts and sold them. Would UT allow that to happen or would the copyright attorneys shut that down? We know the answer to that.

    I am not saying any of this is a bad idea, i think it is cool UT got behind this. Its cool they sent the care package. I just think that should have promoted from the beginning how the kid would be compensated. Again, i am only going by the original UT press release when they announced the shirt, so i dont know what has happened since then.
  20. homes

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    Wouldn’t copyright law keep him in the financial loop?