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    He was unofficially done when
    • Theo brought in a new hitting coach, bench coach, and pitching coach with no input from Joe.
    • Maddon wasn't extended in the off-season.

    Managers like to hire coaches they trust. While there was no sign of dissension in Chicago this summer it has to unnerve the manager a bit when the hired coaches are someone else's guys. Who knows if these coaches were going to Theo and Jed behind Joe's back, especially in the social media era.

    It's a suicide pact to employ a manager who is not signed for at least the following year. How do you expect certain players to play hard when they will be starting over from square one the following spring in Arizona. Will Ian Happ's red hot September help him? Will it matter?

    Whatever happens I expect fewer mental lapses next year. Fewer errors, baserunning lapses, guys standing at the plate admiring their long singles, fewer hit batters, wild pitches, catcher's interference calls, better situational hitting. The new manager will have a three year contract, minimum. Guys will be held accountable. And excess amounts of that crap will STOP.
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    And the Brewers finally feel the loss of Christian Yelich.

    And error or no error, Juan Soto announces that he might be the next Yelich. Unbelievable at bat hanging in there against Hader.

    If only the Cubs could figure out how to hit him.
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    just saw the highlights, wow, that right fielder totally misplayed that ball. I watched it to the 7th, then crashed. Crazy inning, should've stayed up for it.
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    The right fielder is probably still in his hiding spot somewhere.
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    Going to be an interesting offseason for sure. Appreciate the run Joe had. Will be interesting to see who they replace him with. Here are a couple thoughts I have:

    - Even though it "feels" like it, I don't believe our "window" to compete is over. We still have a nucleus of Riz, Bryant, Javy, Schwarb and Contreras that most teams would kill to have. We need pieces around them to compliment them like some on base/contact guys and some team speed.
    - A revamp in Starting pitching is needed. Lester is probably no more than a 5th starter at this point. Hamels will be gone. Q is just not gonna get it done. Hendricks and Darvish are about our only reliables. They'll try and add an impact arm via free agency or trade.
    - I am predicting for the right arms that you could see one of the core guys traded. Bryant has Boras as an agent...he'll demand $30mil a year and that might push us to move him 1st. In my Opinion, the Anthony Rendon from the Nats is the perfect kind of bat we need in this lineup. Could he play 2B or we move Kris to LF permanently if we could sign him?

    - Bullpen help obviously needed. But how much money do we have to spend?

    The good news is many guys had solid years and their trade value is up. Going to be interesting for sure.
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    Schwarber is going nowhere. That cuts off the chances of Bryant shuttling to LF.

    Bryant could be dealt for a nice package if the Cubs feel they can't resign him, and Rendon would be a nice bat. But Anthony is also a Boras client and Scotty will be shooting for the moon.

    It's time for some pitchers to stop riding the I-80 shuttle and grow up. There's spots for them in the rotation and the bullpen. This means Maples, Norwood, Underwood, Mills, Alzolay.

    I'm pushing hard for Rizzo to be the permanent leadoff man. What he lacks in speed he makes up for in .400 on base percentage. He would score 130-140 runs with those boppers behind him.

    The idea of Contreras departing is picking up serious steam in Chicago media circles. He has one extra year of control vs Schwarber, Russell, Bryant and Baez which makes him appealing to other teams. Theo was also talking about hm in glowing terms in his postseason presser. This isn't Theo's first rodeo-theres a method to that madness. And the Cubs have Caratini breaking out and another catcher in the way in their system.

    If the Cubs resign Castellanas, Heyward's role is reduced. He can't play centerfield everyday now that he's past thirty. He may platoon with Almora and that's if the Cubs keep Albert.

    Hoerner should be at second base at sometime next year, and on a permanent basis.

    Another hot media rumor. Look for the Cubs to try and lock up Baez long term in the off-season.
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    I forgot Rendon is a Boras Agent. That'll make it tough to do much with him.

    I wouldn't rule out Schwarber moving. Just my opinion. Sure they love him, but he is less flexible as far as positioning. Left handed power hitters don't grow on trees but to get value you have to give up value so I wouldn't rule it completely out.

    Contreras could bring a haul, depends on how close they think their prospects are and if they think someone like Lucroy could be signed easy to say a 1 year deal as a back up.

    I think the Almora experiment is over. I'd be shocked if they went in to next season with Almora and Heyward as their Centerfielders again, just shocked.

    Its too bad Russell didn't do anything to up his trade value a lot this year, could have possibly unloaded him. No one will want him now.
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    Russell didn't but Happ did. I'd hate to see them trade Ian now that he seems to be learning the strike zone (a key piece of development with young talent) but if he keeps playing like he did in September he will be to good to be a part time player.

    You being up a good point in Schwarber's lack of versatility. But here's a good trivia answer. He led the team in games played after Bryant, Riz and Baez all went down with their September injuries. Like Happ, he made some major strides in the maturation curve this year, decreasing strikeouts and not trying to pull everything. And I hope the leadoff experiment with Schwarber, and Heyward for that matter, is finally over.

    All of this is now going to be in the hands of a new manager so we will have to see what happens now in 2020. I still say that we need a couple of these home grown pitchers to be 80% of Dakota Hudson and Jack Flaherty. It would help with cost cutting as well.
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    Some home grown pitchers would be nice for sure.
    Happ had a great last couple weeks, I still think his swing seems too long IMO. He is just not a good Infielder either, so Outfield is gonna have to be it.
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    We need to get in on Rendon......dude just ripped a double off Kersh-fag
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    Getting rid of a core superstar, or in this case letting him walk via free agency, can very well be addition by subtraction.

    There is no question that Washington is a more balanced, well rounded team without Bryce Harper.

    They were able to take some of the money they would have been forced to pay Harper and sign Patrick Corbin, giving their rotation more depth.

    Anthony Rendon is probably your league MVP.

    Juan Soto is becoming the next Cory Bellinger/Christian Yelich before our eyes.

    Howie Kendrick is that Ben Zobrist type of steadying veteran presence that championship teams always seem to have.

    The Nats were four outs from elimination against the Crew and had to deal with Hader.

    They were five outs away last night, and down by the exact 3-1 score, and had to deal with Kershaw.

    That team has the very definition of the it factor, and is doing it with Bryce Harper wearing another uniform. Anyone want to doubt their chances against the Arch Heads, or Martinez chances against Schildt?

    All that said, the Yankees are your World Series champs. I think they can hit Cole and Verlander and that's if the Astros even get to that round.
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    Dodger manager Dave Roberts getting raked over the coals pretty good this morning. I have no problem with bringing in starters to get huge outs in elimination games. We've seen it with Josh Beckett, Max Bumgarner, Jon Lester and numerous other occasions.

    Here's a move I ever understand. Why are managers so reluctant to bring in their closer when the game is tied, especially when you're the home team. Are they afraid the player's agent is going to bark at them for not being to add to their save total? Are they afraid the closer won't be as effective in a non save situation?

    Kenley Jansen has to be out there to start the top of the tenth. He's your best reliever in that spot. There is no save to get anymore if you're the home team because the minute you do go ahead the game is over. But there is still a game to win. So some managers forget about their closer in tied extra innings games. It's one of the dumbest moves, or non moves, in baseball.
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    I do agree that some addition by subtraction can happen on the Cubs roster. Time to move on from Schwarber, Heyward, Almora, Russell, Zobrist. If you can get a good return for him, move Contrares. Time to shake up all the swing and miss in the Cubs lineup.
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    I checked out thinking the Dodgers had last night's game in hand. I missed an even crazier finish.
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    I did as well. I quit after the 6th. I'm glad that the Dodgers are out. Too bad the Cards are still in it, damn.....Next year, the Cubs will be much better, and a few new faces perhaps.
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    What are your thoughts on the Cubs extending Bryant? Boras is going to demand top money for his client, but is Bryant even a top-10 positional player right now? He's easily not, IMO. And IF they end up resigning him, their payroll is depleted. You can kiss their window good-bye.

    I saw a graphic a few days back- only one of the top-10 paid positional player's teams made it to the playoffs this season. Stanton and the Yankees. And Bryant isn't going to give a friendly discount, especially considering how they're still sore about his service time ordeal.
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    Bryant isn't a free agent yet, so I'm not worried about that. If the Cubs don't pay him in 2021, then they don't pay him.
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    Well, obviously. But how do you feel about once 2021 comes up? Do you think they should shell out the money for him? Just curious on what other's thoughts are on the situation.
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    It will depend on next year, and how much money he Bryant wants. Too far away to say definitively for me right now one way or another.
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