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    He has trouble whenever he's brought into unclean innings, otherwise he's usually pretty lights out. He's too talented to give up on him just yet, but it's super frustrating when he's not throwing strikes.
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    Long time major leaguer and longtime Cub Bill Buckner has passed away at the age of 69.

    Bill was a strange player, kind of underrated and overrated at the same time. On the surface he looked like a selfish player who cared more about his own success than that of the team's. Twice in his career a team that traded him immediately reached the postseason. He didn't walk much, but that didn't mean he couldn't work a pitcher. He would run counts deep, foul off tough pitches, and make contact.

    In reality he probably gave as much as the next player, especially after his leg problems accrued. He hurt his ankle in 1975 when he caught it under second base in San Francisco and ended up getting surgery-eleven years later. It limited his mobility around first base and he was notorious for asking a pitcher to cover the bag on 3-1 putouts.

    His famous, or infamous 1986 World Series gaffe wasn't the first time he was in postseason headlines. In 1974 he was thrown out by Reggie Jackson trying to stretch a double to a triple.

    He eventually had a long career with many footnotes. He was playing left field for the Dodgers the night Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's record. He had a grand slam in a 23-22 game with Philadelphia in 1979. He had a memorable fight with Montreal's Gary Carter (also no longer with us) He demanded to use WGN TV's "tenth inning" postgame show as a platform to tell his side of the story late in 1979 when manager Herman Franks was attacking some players in the papers. He won a batting title in 1980, then promptly criticized the high grass in Wrigley's infield for taking more hits away from him (the same grass that benefitted him and his limited mobility on defense).

    Buckner was not one of my favorites, but was a well respected baseball man to insiders. So he deserves some credit for that. Like Steve Bartman, he put up with a lot of unnecessary abuse. His family too.
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    Hey look...another solid outing
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    RIP Billy Buck!

    It was also deeply unfair. Buckner’s error was the uppercut that left the Red Sox unconscious on the canvas, but it wasn’t the sole reason they lost. It took a village, as the expression goes: Calvin Schiraldi and Bob Stanley and Rich Gedman and manager John McNamara were as much to blame for Boston’s loss as Buckner. He never should have been out there in the first place: Chronic ankle pain had left Buckner hobbling in the field, and McNamara had been using Dave Stapleton as a defensive replacement for him during the season (as well as in Games 1, 2 and 5 of the series). But he stayed out there in Game 6, because, as McNamara said in 2011, “Buckner was the best first baseman I had.”
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    Three telltale signs of a Cubs slump.

    • Offense is a home run or nothing
    • Too many strikeouts
    • No one can get a hit with runners in scoring position.

    In addition to the struggles of the last ten days, there seems to be something fishy about Baez' injury. They say he suffered a heel contusion out of what looked like a rolled ankle. As a runner I can tell you that is more than possible, but it sure seems like they are trying to showcase Addison as a shortstop to increase his trade value.

    A little bit of reverting to the norm was inevitable. They were playing a little over their heads for about three weeks. They should have lost that long game in Arizona and the long one against Milwaukee. Now they're out of first place and it's going to be back to the grindstone.
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    Cubs going pitcher heavy in the draft.

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    Can't wait for Kimbrel to get up to the big team, hoping he pans out. Anyone heard anything on Morrow? Man that would be a huge boost if he could help out as well. Going to be a tough grind all year in the division. We need to try and go close to .500 vs Colorado and LA and then our schedule lightens a lot.