Official 2020 Big Ten Champs vs. What The Hell Is A DePaul Thread

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Fryowa, Nov 11, 2019.

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    We are literally at a footspeed disadvantage at every position. I had hoped Nunge was more athletic but I would agree with others he looks slow.

    In my opinion everyone of our big guys is a true 5 in today’s style of college basketball. None of them are built to defend 4 men.

    As I’ve been saying for the last three years we need to go smaller. I’d consider Wieskamp spending some time at the 4. Evelyn some time at the 3, and clearly way more Toussaint as the starting PG.
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    It would have sent a message for sure. But we would have been early Tom Crean era Indiana level of bad for a while.
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    What should he do, pass it to one of Fran's kids?
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    I didn't make my post very clear. I meant to say a 2010 Exodus, led by Gatens, on the heels of the 2009 Exodus.

    Sorry that was on me.
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    So about the same lol
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    The Thanksgiving show was easily the best of the Peanuts specials. It began with Lucy pulling the football on Charlie Brown for the 4,978th time and ended with Chuck's junk food appetizer of a Thanksgiving dinner. Complete with chef Snoopy accidentally plunging Woodstock in the toaster.
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    last year a bunch of crazy liberals on social media were demanding that it be pulled off the air because it was racist. They claimed at the dinner table all the white kids sat on one side of the table while Franklin sat on the other side by himself. These Liberal nuts said Charles Schultz was a racist.
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    Ironically, Schulz faced considerable flack for portraying Lucy and Peppermint Patty as strong willed women in his animated specials.

    After a decide of June Cleaver and Margaret Anderson this was seen as a shock to the system. And not a pleasant one in the eyes of many. So Schulz couldn't win either way.
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    Tomorrows newspaper headlines:

    "Blue Demons Do 'Leitao Shuffle' On The Hawks"

    "Demons Give Hawkeyes Devil Of A Time In Carver"

    "Demon Three Point Shooting The Devil's Tri-tone For Hawkeyes"

    "Reed It And Weep, Hawks Crushed In Their Own Nest"
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    He did but he waited too long. Also as has been an issue in the past, terrible spacing that allows the easy double teams with little risk to leave a shooter open.
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    When Wisconsin's Zac Schowalter played vs Iowa he would literally guard two players at once, staying with his man on the curl cuts and fronting Woodbury in the lane, because our spacing was so bad.

    And they still do it today. Last year at Carver with Wisconsin down eight and in the danger zone Brevin Pritzl took over for foul ravaged Ethan Happ and Nate Reuvers and at 6'3 effectively fronted Iowa's post players. Wisconsin wasn't down eight much longer.
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    That Roman tournament sounds flaccid.
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    I turned it off early in the 2nd half. I said to my wife, "I can't do this shit again this season, let's go to bed" ....and she says "3 days ago you said you thought they might be pretty decent" ....and I said " I was definitely wrong, I thought we had a good coach, I was definitely wrong about that"......

    Like I've said a million times on here, Fran is coaching for his job every season with me. NCAA - survive, anything less I want him out. I know it's just one game, but it's impossible for me to think NCAA after watching that. I think this team could lose 20 games after watching that. They could. If it's that bad and it continues Fran will have lost me way before the end of the year. I hope I am wrong, but 11.11.19 is the day I officially turned on Fran. I still want him to win, I will still cheer on Iowa, but I no longer think it's possible.
  16. deanvogs

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    I too want Fran to win. I wish he would stick it in my eye, and make the NCAA again this year. Unfortunately after this year we are going to be saying that Fran has missed 3 of the last 4 NCAA tournaments. That is unacceptable.
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  17. 1980HAWKFAN

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    I want to give the Hawks a chance to show us that game was a fluke. Hot shooting from DePaul and just a bad game from us. If the next decent team we play just out quicks us and makes us look bad then we have us a problem. I've been around sports long enough to realize when you are out matched in speed and quickness you have a problem. After what I saw last night from the Hawks we have a problem. This could be a long season of pain.
  18. deanvogs

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    I hope Iowa does show this was a fluke. I will freely admit that I run super hot/cold on basketball. Also teams in BB just have dips, sometime they just throw a stinker out there, or have a 3 game lull, etc. I was at last years Bryant game and I didn't think Iowa wouldn't win a B1G game last year after that performance.

    Now I don't think that is what this was last night, I think Iowa just are what they are (a bad, slow basketball team). Yet I'm hoping I'm wrong.
  19. Casey388

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    This game definitely did not give hope for the upcoming season. Our spacing was terrible, they were late passing the ball on nearly every position and got pushed around by Depaul. Only things that were bright spots was Joe T. getting aggressive and taking over for a bit. Kreiner cleaning up on the offensive glass and Fredrick being effective with the ball. Our defense was horrendous and they were not nearly physical enough.
  20. Northside Hawk

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    The next decent team will be showing up early and often, ready or not. We have Syracuse, Iowa State, Texas Tech, and Cincinnati in the non con alone.

    While I like a competitive non con because it can build a tournament resume it can also spit you out if you're not ready. We're weren't prepared for DePaul's (moderate) speed and athleticism because we don't practice against it.

    Last night looked like Rutgers on senior day. It was freaking DePaul. Whst will Texas Tech or Maryland or Michigan State do to us if we weren't ready for DePaul. I'm not buying the "hot shooting night" excuse. We were dominated in every phase of the game.