**Official CW Bowl, Hope Both Teams Lose Game Thread**


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Just kidding with the title. Go ahead and win one, little brother.

BTW, what is with isu pretending that black is one of their team colors?? Those uni's look hideous with the black helmets. They look like Hawkeye wannabees.


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Im with you, I hope they both lose.

Black helmets cannot be a fan foviriute fro the reason you mentioned


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I still chuckle how the Clowns got matched up with Notre Dame. For sure, Notre Dame is not quite your dad's Notre Dame right now (still good).....but it is kind of the like the Twlight Zone here.

They got an opponent well above their pay grade (historically for sure).

Maybe they will prove us wrong, but, so far, going to script.

It just seems wrong they get a shot at Notre Dame in modern football, before we do. Not that I did not enjoy beating down USC.
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