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As a high school teacher trying to teach kids from home, and it's not easy. I hope everyone realizes that we are still teaching a full day. Here is just one day's lesson plans:

9:00 am (Lecture series) Intro to flushing a toilet properly

9:15 am (Lab) Turning off a light switch and closing a door

9:30 am (Lecture series) Why we don’t eat the food under the couch cushions

10:00 am (Group project) How to stop making unnecessary noise

10:30 am (Presentation) How to close a Cheetos and or potato chip bag

11:00 am (Lecture series) It’s not all about you

11:30 am (Presentation) Covering a cough 101

12:30 am ( Lecture series ) What happens when we eat all the cereal in one day

1:00 pm (lab) Advance chewing with your mouth closed 101

1:30 pm (Lecture series) The importance of changing underwear

2:00 pm (Field Trip) How to have fun without leaving the porch

2:30 pm (Lecture Series) Reading is not a punishment
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