Official Oliver Martin "Eat Crow" Thread

Discussion in 'Football' started by NorthKCHawk, Aug 28, 2019.

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    I could see Hayden saying that.
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    Both sides can claim victory and based on Chad Leistikow’s story the explanation makes sense. Martin and the program got the NCAA’s ruling last week. Those close to OM found out (and were our posters sources) and knew it was over, because the B1G was not going to overturn the NCAA. So ree4 and ghawk were correct in that it was a done deal, but rob and the other beat guys (Morehouse, Chad etc) couldn’t confirm, because the big ten hasn’t stamped it yet. The narrative fits the actual story, so everyone is happy.

    Kirk knew yesterday, that’s why he mentioned the game plan included OM. So everyone was technically correct. Kudos to all, now let’s watch iowa go 12-0 and beat Michigan and Iowa state.
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    This is what I assume too. It was approved but not "official" yet because Big Ten hadn't rubber stamped it. Makes a lot of sense to me.

    Reporters try to confirm things (as they should) but there was already information out there that was likely good enough for us normal people.
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    Not to mention that Rob pointed out that the official decision was made TODAY. It’s magic. Although I have been expecting this outcome as mentioned in other threads for the reasons I stated in those threads.

    If these guys had credible sources then more power to them. Rob I would assume had more credible sources and as of yesterday he was being told a decision hadn’t been made yet.
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    The B1G for certain could have denied it if Michigan raised a stink, which was a concern on the Iowa/Martin side.

    This was not a done deal until this morning. And I'm not claiming victory. I'm reporting facts.
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    If you are disputing the widely reported news that the NCAA cleared Martin 5 days ago, that is one thing. If not, then some of your statements concerning Ghawk's thread were wrong, or at least not completely fair given what we know now. Its okay to admit it.
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    For instance:


    So, I bugged my source again because this is on our board.

    UI has not been given a ruling on OM from the NCAA as of the time I'm making this post.

    The OP has bad info.
    RobHowe, Sunday at 6:07 PM Report#15LikeReply
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    Again, Martin was not ruled eligible until this morning. Do you have news to the contrary?
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    It is clear as a bell to me that GHawk had the information that the NCAA cleared OM. You either did not have that information, or would not share it with us. But, I think if you look at what GHawk posted on his thread, it was pretty decent insider information that an announcement would be coming soon, pending Michigan not throwing a wrench into things. I am glad he posted what he did and he has gained credibility in my eyes.

    I am not suggesting you were not exercising responsible journalism, but you clearly suggested several times that GHawk was just wrong. I do not think that he was.
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    I know what you're saying but you at least have to admit that the NCAA approved the waiver last Friday and many people in OM's inner circle knew about it and were leaking it.

    Obviously you're going to say that because it wasn't signed off on by the Big Ten it wasn't official, but the sources were correct in that the NCAA approved the waiver.
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    I'll own that.

    I should have wrote that he was not ruled eligible yet, which is what my source told me, and not included the NCAA. And he wasn't ruled eligible at the point.

    And that was in response to the OP, who's started the thread with:

    Was just told Martin got the OK for this year. Announcement should be tomorrow. This came from a pretty good source, but obviously nothing is 100% till we get an official announcement.

    Again, that was wrong. He was not given the OK for this year at that point. And the OP does not distinguish in the post that he's talking about the NCAA, just that he's OK'd.

    As I wrote above, there was a worry that Michigan would throw a monkey wrench in the Big Ten's decision.
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    See I told you all Monday we would know in the next 4 to 5 days after the rumor post on Sunday was launched.
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    Yeah, I was unsure why you were talking such a harsh stance on this whole thing. Obviously @GHawk and @Ree4 didn't even know that the B1G also gets to review the case. They heard the NCAA cleared him by family members so they said as much. You really could have handled this whole situation a whole lot better than you did.
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    I accept that. I appreciate the work you and the other Iowa beat guys do, I know it’s not an easy job. Especially with the type of program Kirk runs.
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    Sorry, Rob. I gotta agree with Dean on this. Probably should have just said you were hearing something different and leave it at that.
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    Eh, I look at it like this....Rob is a journalist. He can't just report shit and rumors without official confirmation...he has to be responsible (or at least he's supposed to be). Us losers are just fans, we aren't under the same restrictions.
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    On the flip side, it has to be super annoying when randos on the internet are reporting scoops way before journalists can.
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    Totally agree, @RobHowe is a good and respected journalist. He has always done great work. That is why it was so confusing to me he came down so hard on @GHawk and @Ree4 there really wasn't any need for it at all.
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    Thanks for the new sig TK!
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    Why does anyone have to eat crow or boast that he got the scoop right? Let's just be happy Martin was granted the waiver and will be on the field.