Offseason - Major Disappointment

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    I won't miss Cook except for his monster dunks. Thats what he did best. He was a selfish player. He thought he was much better than he was.After the Tenn game he said he was the best player on the court..really? Nunge and Pemsl know their limitations and play team ball. They will kick the ball out instead of playing hero ball and get stripped or throw up a prayer and piss away a pocession. Defense?? Moss is a head scratcher. Must have got tired of Fran screaming his head off.
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    The hits keep coming as it sounds like Bohannon had surgery on his hip. Questionable for net year. Tough luck for sure but this would be the reason you don’t carry only 10 scholarship guys into a season.

    What a nightmare of an offseason.
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    The Iowa women just lost three of their best players due to graduation, next b-ball season for men and women may really be bad. The wrestlers can't seem to beat OSU and PSU now as well. Plus, it looks like Iowa may lose their best volleyball coach in 20 years because he did some cheating
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    It's almost like the entire athletic department is headed by an incompetent serial harasser who's more concerned about donations than winning, huh?
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    Serial harasser?
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    Assuming Bohannon has to sit out this season, this is what we have lost so far stat wise:

    Points per game: 44.5 (56.8%) of team points
    Boards per game: 19 (53.2%) of team rebounds
    Assists per game: 9.8 (62.4%) of team assists
    Steals per game: 3.6 (58%) of team steals
    Blocks per game: 1.7 (51.5% of team blocks
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    well, I was like - Cook - i expected that - big deal - we're ok in the post tho - we'll be fine

    Moss - damn that sucks - he's my favorite guy, this year was supposed to be the big pay off - oh well, it's not like he's irreplaceable and he never really was a difference maker, we'll be fine. I'm still in the camp of Iowa will be decent this season.

    Bohannon potentially out for the year? Yeah, that's not gonna work. Iowa is likely going to struggle this year. I'm a homer but not blind.

    The only solace I see is that other guys are going to get thrust into minutes and we're gonna see what we have coming in and if they can play, but I had a different mindset coming into this season.

    Still NCAA or bust for me - every season. That's my personal contract with Fran until he accomplishes something tangible. He makes it, I support him the upcoming season as Iowa's basketball coach. He doesn't - time to move on and each year that passes - that buy out gets easier to swallow and IMO - Fran and Gary are attached at the hip, so I also hold hope that something good might happen for Iowa hoops someday, but this is getting ridiculous.
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    Too soon. :)