Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan at Carver last night

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Duke, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Duke

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    Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan was at Carver last night. He was visiting his daughter who is engaged to Jarrod Uthoff.
  2. HawkeyeMike23

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    Is he related to Michael Jordan?
  3. PCHawk

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    What's up with Iowa basketball players getting married so early?
  4. RobHowe

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  5. mrolympia

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    because they can get really hot chicks when in college.
  6. atomicblue224

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    Why wasn't Wild Bull Pumfus inducted into Wrestling hall of fame?[​IMG]
  7. smhawk

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    Theyre college basketball players. Unless theyre a sure thing to be pro, the attention theyll get from girls is likely going to decline after their ncaa days. And also my the girls theyre with are worried about other suitors.

    Now if a fresh or soph go wedded, thatd be a little strange.
  8. BigD

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    Absolutley correct as we all know the guys that are 6'5" or taller are NEVER going to get a second look from women. :)
  9. 99topdawg

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    Not true in my case. Got just as many women after me now as I did when I played in college 20 years ago.

    You'll recall from math class that 0=0. :(
  10. PCHawk

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    I didn't get any women as a D1 athlete.
  11. trj

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    I can't remember did AW propose before or after his girlfriend got pregnant?
  12. BigD

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    Money helps......... Are you related to Donald Trump?

    If somehow this election comes down to Trump and Clinton can you imagine the viewership during the first debate? Oh my. I digress guys sorry to bring up politics.
  13. Tierney

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    If you would of tried as hard as Bill Clinton I'm sure you would of gotten plenty of women. Its not really that important; because, one day it all just becomes a memory. There are lots of things more important. It sounds like Uthoff and his girlfriend are in love and I hope the best for them.
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