Ohio State - How Many People Have To Complain

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    The players should get their scholarships honored to the completion of the BA/BS. If superstar players want to transfer allow them to play immediately wherever they land. Bring in the forensic accountants and sue the coaches, administrators, boosters, bagmen, anyone else involved. Freeze their bank accounts, domestic and offshore if possible.
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    What’s the Strauss thread about?
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    No, in the end it helps all. Fans/donors are a part of the problem.
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    Respectfully, I disagree. The death penalty in college sports is no different than shutting down a company and firing all the workers for the transgressions of a millionaire CEO and a few of his upper management people who get to walk away to permanent financial security. While this happens sometimes in the business world unfortunately, it is only done in college sports at the whim of the NCAA (a decision also made by millionaires with nothing to lose from the situation).

    A huge whistle blower bounty for proven violations, fronted by the NCAA (which can afford it) along with a permanent ban of offenders from college sports, would prevent the huge majority of shady stuff going on. Rick Pitino can't pay 50 people two million dollars each to keep quiet.

    We can look at the "death penalty" at face value and say that it's 1) severe, and 2) reserved only for the most serious offenses and that would all be true.

    However, if we look at it in reality, we see that it's almost never been used, it punishes innocent bystanders much more severely than the offenders, and most importantly, it has zero deterrent effect, which it was designed to have. None. The amount of rampant corruption that exists today is proof of that because it allows people to operate by only having to make sure they don't get caught, with the added incentive that guys like Paterno, Pitino, Calipari know the death penalty will never get applied.

    There needs to be huge incentive to turn people in before the offenses occur. Can't stress that enough. If cheating is made so unappealing in the first place because the reward for getting ratted out is much greater than the money offenders can pay to keep people quiet, the corruption will fall off. And you aren't ruining innocent players' and coaches careers.

    You think Mike McQueary would have kept Sandusky and Paterno's secret if he had a few million dollars staring him in the face? Nope. Is that a glowing endorsement of McQueary's morals? Absolutely not, but in the end it might have prevented some kids from getting raped.
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