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  1. revkev73

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    Kirk is stubborn, passive aggressive, manipulative (dumb AD), and knows how to make things work in "his" favor (and family), and struggles to think on his feet during a game...

    But I am sure he is a great guy...
  2. HawkPrdatr40

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    It won’t take long for the KF Trolls to react to this.. :cool:
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  3. mopkins

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    I didn't sweat losing him just thought he made a foolish decision based on the Harbaugh effect. It's his life though, just wonder if it's gonna be something he'll regret
  4. Hawkfnntn

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    Yup sure is. And without even looking at their recruiting class this year I'm sure he's been leapfrogged by more kids. I'll be surprised if he ends up making an impact there.
  5. trj

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    I am not a recruiting guy so take this, fwiw. I thought he was a legit 4.5 40 dude. The highlights I saw he was able to separate.
  6. Xerxes

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    Not only that but buried behind 2 FR WRs who played a lot this year and there are 2 others that are highly recruited as well.

    But at Iowa he very well could be behind ISM and B Smith. Both of those guys would have lit up teams in high school in Iowa
  7. NCHawker

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    If that were true he would have left iowa years ago
  8. 99topdawg

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    Sometimes, I wish he did.
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  9. iloveyoularrystation

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    That is beyond stupid of a comment.
  10. Joshbrown

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    Yes they are.
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  11. Joshbrown

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    The contract is the proof.
  12. judzeehawk

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    Yay Harbaugh making 9 million is ridiculous!
  13. lightning1

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    Kirk Ferentz definitely has an ego! And that's perfectly fine. He should have. Did everyone forget the PCs at the end of the 4-12 season? You could see his ego was bruised. He's just not an ego maniac like some of these coaches.
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  14. iloveyoularrystation

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    your cleverness aside, i don't get the thinking honestly. Maybe you or the original poster could enlighten me on what you think shows in anyway that Ferentz is more interested in himself then the team winning.
  15. DDThompson

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    I thought you were describing yourself until the last line.
  16. Marinehawk

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    Oliver Martin < Martini W/Olive
  17. eledmonster

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    Martin also made his choice. He will have to live with it, whether or not it turns out to work for him. He's gone. End of story.
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  18. HawkInATX

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    So a person has an ego when they try to improve their lot in life? Would you turn down a raise and promotion if you thought you didn't earn it? If a bunch of keyboard warriors thought you didn't earn it? Doubtful. There's a difference between ego and protecting your own self-interest.
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  19. HomerChampless

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    Really, no ego? Is that why KF has to have his way in all facets of the football team even though he doesn't know, in some cases, what he's doing? Come on. Tell me there aren't yes men at Iowa. Are there any no men?
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    Am having 1st EXPRESSO in calif. So early.Seems like a CLASSIC post.Surf will be UP today.