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    It is crazy how fast things are changing over the past 20 years. What blows my mind is that kids currently under 10 years old will probably never own a drivers license because they simply won't need one.
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    That'd be nuts.. For some reason they sure are trying to cram driverless vehicles down our throats... Do most folks really want that? I sure don't as a guy in my late 30s but I could be in the minority on that for all I know...
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    If you cut the human driver out of the equation, a lot of possibilities start to open up. Drastically cheaper taxis (paying for the driver is by far the biggest expense), drastically reduced accidents and fatalities, no more DUI's, etc. So its coming whether we want it or not

    What interests me is what cities/counties will do without all the speeding ticket and DUI revenue they're used to getting. That could get interesting...but without needing to monitor traffic as much you wouldnt need as many cops so i guess it would probably balance itself out.

    I think the future for guys like you and me is a hybrid model where we can drive manually or have the car drive for us. That's coming very very soon.

    Oh yeah, and oliver Martin.... since this is his thread.
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    I know this post is a week old, but the level of stupidity is so high I feel it warrant's a response.

    Don't you have a Dilly Bar date with Tracy Claeys you're late for? I'm sure Jamie Pollard would give you a ride as long as you can keep your hands off him.
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    If self drivings provides a substantial safety improvement, it might not be so simple.

    Assuming all of society has largely moved to self driving cars, anyone driving in manual mode and getting into any accident,might be seen as being reckless behind the wheel. Even if the same accident today would be seen as unavoidable.

    Insurance may not cover drivers in manual mode. Or have a much higher premium to do so.

    But MIT or somebody did a study for how little uber drivers make after the cost of fuel, etc. It was something like $3.37 an hour. This versus the cost of expense equipment on each car to support self driving... And continued maintenance on that equipment.

    If human drivers stay this cheap (or maybe get cheaper), I'm not sure if fully auto cabs could compete.

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    Nice post here ... can you see into the future? :)

    This thread is a fun read ... now.
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    At least 2 people have informed me we are not allowed to bump old threads. But since they are not here, I'm beginning to think it wasn't the threads they hated, it was me.
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    Nice post from a year ago. Even if I say so myself.
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    karras, please don't bump old threads.
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    I'm confused, is there news on this front?
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    I haven't looked, did I win?
    (I'm going to look right now)
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    Leave it to the pros, like okeefe4prez.
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    alts . . . making America great since 1773
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    EveRyOne I dOn't LikE is aN aLt
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    I just try and look at things rationally and objectively, yet I still get labeled a homer because I tend to try and rationalize things more positively- sometimes I get things right but it's all luck.

    Martin walking into KF's office.

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    Except it's not happening so.....[​IMG]
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    Yeah, I wasn't celebrating - any guess is luck. I bet where there's smoke there's fire but again, that's just a guess.
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    wait wait wait, just wait . . . you're saying posts more than a week old shouldn't be replied to? Oh you are so not gonna like me
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    Still waiting to hear if you were saying I was a wife and child abuser in that other thread.