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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by dirtwrap, Feb 20, 2020.

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    All I know is, this Iowa team is scrappy. I would love to see JW get out of his funk, perform well on the road against a good MSU team. I know they're down, but Iowa never plays well there. Garza will do what he does, the rest.....?? We'll see
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    JW has matchup problems more than anything.
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    I don't care if JoeT doesn't score a single point as long as he makes Winston's life miserable the entire game.
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    I did like how JW went and got strong going to the hoop and scoring later in the game when we needed buckets.

    I think he can explode with that first step and get his should and upper body past his man and finish.
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    I think JW has a game tomorrow. Seems like he almost has his worst games at home. No stopping Garza. Love the fact Pensl may finally have found his mojo, great timing and may be a HUGE factor in this game. If the rest play like the Ohio State Game I like our chances.

    BUT those pricks have a way of playing out of their minds when the Hawks come to town. Just play to our potential and I will be happy.
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    8 point dogs
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    Honestly I believe JW has been the most mugged player on the court the last several games and I expect that to continue. The way he is held off of screens completely neutralizes his game as he isn't a player like Jok that can create his own shot terribly well 1v1. I have absolutely 0 hope that any fouls will be called for JW until there's about 7 minutes left in the game and it is inconsequential, and the crowd will boo as usual.

    We need the bench to step up like they did last game. Get a few points from Pemsl, a few from Bakari, hope that Kreiner stink face comes back. Connor getting a couple baskets too would really help. Basically, I feel if our less than consistent scorers score, we win. If not we lose. If it's Garza and Weisy doing most of the scoring, I feel like we're in trouble.
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    I loathe CNN, Fox and MSNBC. There is a plethora of smaller more accurate, less biased media and journalistic outlets out there.
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    This will be a screw fest by the officials. Not even worth getting worked up about. Be a nice one to get, but when MSU is allowed to tackle, makes it tough. Be awesome if Iowa could win though
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    Even more likely is that two quick fouls are called on Garza and Fran gets a T because it's so obvious what's up.
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    I assume you're talking about the refs?
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    I agree. Izzo will be working overtime on the refs and come out on top and shake Fran's hand, smile, and move on. If we win, that would be awesome
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    I’m putting it out there. If Iowa wins tonight, they will at least tie for the Big Ten title. Maryland has 2 losses coming - MSU and UM.
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    If Iowa wins tonight, they’re running the table the rest of the way
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    Izzo said a few weeks ago that the champion will have 7 losses. I still think he's right. If we can somehow win out, will will end up in at least a tie for 1st.
  17. Motigerhawk

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    Holy smokes this is a big game. May be an indicator of how we do in te tourneys at the end of the year.
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    Breslin has been a house of whores for the Hawks, with Tommy serving as the pimp and the refs serving as the gracious hosts that screw Iowa throughout the game.

    Garza has played through contact all season long, even surrendering his face for the first 1/3 of the season, he will be fine tonight. Key, as usual, is who else will step up and help. Need at least two of these to play their best game of the season: CMac, JW, JT, and RK with okay production from the bench. Pemsl has had a couple of pretty solid outings back to back. He could be the X factor.
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    First time down the floor, Garza will get tackled, but somehow it’ll be a foul on him and the official will make a show out of the offensive foul call. We all know it’s coming
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    It's imperative that Garza doesn't get called for two early BS fouls like against Indiana. Neither was a foul but the refs will be going out of their way to call him for one so he should just not play defense.