One fell out of the boat

Discussion in 'Football' started by hawkdrummer1, Feb 16, 2019.

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    He didn't hesitate to cut the guy loose.
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    I think the whole Claeys-having-their-backs deal put them in a scenario where "damn-near"-zero-tolerance is their default position on this type of stuff. Drunk is one thing, smacking up on a cop is quite another.
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    Yep. Being drunk at 19 or 20, not the end of the world. Driving drunk or hitting a cop... serious bad news.
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    Tampering with government property in this day and age is nothing to f with. Nor is striking an officer.

    They have a long list of kids up there who had academic or off the field issues, some of it enabled by Clem Haskins. A famous incident in 1986 led the resignation of longtime basketball coach Jim Dutcher. Three basketball players were taken into custody in Madison for sexual assault after a game. The police literally stomed the team plane as it was ready to depart for Evanston. By the time that weekend was over, two more players were declared academically ineligible and two more left or were dismissed from the team. Minnesota finished the season with six scholarship players and a couple football walk-ons.
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    Gopher basketball has traditionally been one of the dirtier programs in the conference. Long history of nasty stuff.
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    Sorry. I love this picture.

    Kids Cardboard Boat.jpg
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    Don't even get me started on the Bill Musselman era, or the 1972 brawl wirh Ohio State where Musselman ordered his players to leave the bench
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    Did it matter that he was a walk-on and not their best RB? Or am I thinking of a different border state university? I can't keep these idiot schools straight.
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    And I think the mid-90s Minnesota basketball team had to forfeit a conference title once the NCAA figured out how much corruption was going on. I believe it was the same year the Hawkeyes came in second place. Ouch.
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    Yep 1996-1997 season. NCAA took their Final 4 banner away too
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    i can't believe they made it that far from shore.
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    Attended a Hawk-Gopher game up here a few years ago. The locals were giving me the business. I told em I loved games at the Barn...and as I looked into the rafters I said "Where's your Final Four banner?".

    That was one of the more enjoyable moments of the evening.
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    Well the Minny football teams total IQ just went up about 15 points. What a dumb shit.
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    The banner is right there with the exams taken for Bobby Jackson.
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    Well fuck yeah, he does run a pretty tight ship, dontcha know, hey dere, ya hoser
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    I have more respect for the boat rower than I do for that douche to the west of us.
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    I currently live in Minnesota, and can testify that there is a whole boatload of douchebags up here.
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    Shoulda gone to Nebraska.

    Not only would Frost pay for you to use his personal lawyer a la Maurice Washington, the whole coaching staff would show up to your court date and hug you for getting pinched and not ratting, like a young Henry in Goodfellas.

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