OT: Mount Vernon's Round-A-bout?

Discussion in 'Football' started by MelroseHawkins, Jun 7, 2019.

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    Is this the F'ing worst round-a-bout in the history of transportation. They otta just buzzdoze that entire intersection down and put up lights. IMO, there is still a need for lights at some intersections. They really need to stop making round-a-bouts for ONE SIMPLE REASON. We have women drivers!!

    Seriously, I just about got t-bone again last night by a woman driver in that nasty birds nest of an intersection. A car in front of me and I had to wait about a minute before finding an opening from all the cars on Hwy 30 going east. The car in front of me could finally go. I merged in a space and was on the inside of the loop to go west on Hwy 30. Some chick comes from Mt. Vernon and doesn't even yield to me when I'm on the inside and about to exit the cluster @#$@! She just thought she had the right away and never broke one bit.

    That is one intersection that DOES NOT need a round-a-bout and needs lights. I'm sure some stupid city guy thought a round-a-bout would be cool in his city so lobbyed for it. Now the newer one down HWY 30 to the west on way to CR is OK. That one makes sense, but the one at Hwy 30 and Hwy 1 is horrendous as it is so busy with about 8 options.
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    Come check out the bike lanes in Minneapolis...if you wanna see a cluster f...
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    I kind of did that once in Coralville. There is one in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Kind of a dumb one in a dumb area. Anyway, there was a couple inches of snow and really no signs up. Had no idea it was even a roundabout. Hit the middle island hard and went straight across it. The snow made the whole intersection look flat and could not see any road markings. Didn't even know it was a roundabout until I launched down the middle.
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    Ever drive in Italy? Italy should be like a training ground for driving survival. There is a reason why cars are so small...because the moronic drivers have less chance of hitting eachother. Also, there should be a law against putting marketing on street signs and other pertinent safety signs designed to tell you valuable information. Granted, it's great to know Luigi's Restaurante is having a dinner special...but when it's blocking a sharp curve ahead sign...well...it's not good. I love the country though.
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    I went through that round a bout a few weeks ago and was shocked that they had put one there. It makes that intersection even more dangerous IMO.

    The ones on University Ave in Cedar Falls are dumb too.
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    Damn right. People are just guessing and going thru it.

    Many times they make sense and keep the traffic flowing, but, that one in Mt. Vernon is a joke. When you have so many cars coming from one direction or on one particular highway that make cars on the other have to stop and wait it doesn't work. Then it seems like there are 6 lanes or options and makes it all confusing. That is the worst one I have ever ran across. Many others make sense and work. That intersection needs lights to control the traffic better.
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    Here is that cluster F!@$.

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    These are too funny. Glad it is not just me that cannot stand these things.
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    I like most of them but people don't know how to drive thru them. I've had about 3 women about side swipe me. Last night in Mt. Vernon and two other times 2 days apart at the one by Liberty High.

    But, I do think they have their place at the right kind of intersections. I don't think they should intersect two major highways though. What's the point if the cars on one of the highway have to wait to merge, anyway. Defeats the purpose.
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    Whoever designed that should be tortured.
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    Look kids! Parliament, Big Ben!

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    My complaint are the people that treat it like some kind of 4 way stop. Many people don't understand the concept of merging like a zipper. Those round a bouts are tough to cross if you are at a complete stop.
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    THIS is the problem with roundabouts in general. They work great if people know how to drive. If you have someone that sits there waiting for a semi-sized gap to pull their Prius into, it messes everything up.

    This argument is all for naught though, the new Hwy 30 bypass will make this roundabout for local traffic only. All true "highway" traffic will bypass Mt. Vernon & Lisbon altogether. Which isn't good for those businesses, but it's too major of a highway to have stops like that.
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    Once you get use to them, they move traffic along better, although this one seems odd the way they have the separate right turn lanes, as that sort of defeats the purpose of traffic flowing from one source.
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    Looks like Greg Davis's offense.
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    This is the most worthless post I have ever seen. You do realize this is a Hawkeye sports message board, don’t you? Normally I just ignore stupid posts like this. but I had to chime in this time.

    You should be banned just for this post. That is how bad it is.
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    Banned really?? Get a hold of yourself. If you are letting this bug you this much, you must be real nice to live with. Geez!

    You think I give a chit what you think. If internet policing is your thing than so be it. If the thread title says OT:.............. and something you don't care to read about, then don't open it.

    Google "Dead period in sports". Again, I could really give a crap what you think. It's not your site. I assume you may be one of the engineers of that intersection or from Mt. Vernon and a part of that masterpiece.
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