OT: Mount Vernon's Round-A-bout?

Discussion in 'Football' started by MelroseHawkins, Jun 7, 2019.

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    How did they improve the economy (sorry trickle down guys) during the depression? They put the middle class to work building infrastructure like dams.
    Now I live in the middle of nowhere in Iowa, not a wealthy place at all, but I guarantee that if you drove to my house the first thing you would say is wow the roads in your county are great.
    Some counties invest in new courthouses and new jails. Not here. But the quality of life seems to be nicer.
    This all boils down to who is elected. Who's "in charge".
    Because every once and a while you need that one **** sucker that bucks the system. Tells it how it is. Is honest.
    I say the lack of people like that are the reason the country has been sliding in almost every measure.

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    Marion has added some dumb roundabouts as well. People have issues figuring them out.
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    Explains why we have so many people leaving this country and nobody trying to come here illegally.
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    Well a rat on a board is still going to swim for a row boat.
    To compare our success by measure of the failure of others is absolutely ludicrous.
    You don't get an A simply because everyone else failed.
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    I realized your point. I responded just to get a rise out of you and expected a response. :)
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    Meh, I don't get to excited about much.
    I realized long ago I could be right, I could be wrong. I realized that everyone is crazy and you can't argue with crazy. All you can do is try to understand. In a nice way.
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    You folks need to LEARN THE GAME of driving.
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    ^^ Riveting response ^^
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    Gold star on this post. Me and Ma met in Vernon back in '98. A few years ago I drove through there en route to Dodge bince we decided to drive by there on 30. Back when I lived there, I think the intersection was either a stop light or stop sign. No problems. But that roundabout was the biggest clusterf*ck monstrosity of a roundabout I've ever seen. You really can't do one on a fast road like Highway 30 and the speed of cars going through has so much variation that it makes it absurdly dangerous. I've never used it off Highway 1, but I bet it is terrifying because you probably have cars going anywhere from 10-45 mph coming from the opposite direction, which makes guessing how big of a gap you have a challenge.
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    You freaking nailed it Okeefe! Intersecting two highways is utterly ridiculous. They are going to have a Hwy 30 bypass now but that intersection has been around a while. One literally grips the steering wheel and white knuckles it why praying thru that sumna bitch. You then hope you exit on the correct lane for wherever you wanted to go. It would be interesting to know just how many accidents they've had there over the years.
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    This. This is what makes it such a bitch. The entire point of roundabouts is to have a controlled intersection while keep traffic flowing. The variance of speed between the cars is so different that it makes it an uncontrolled intersection. I bet you there are locals that go east or west to another intersection just to avoid that monstrosity.

    I drone vid above that at around 5:00 p.m. would be interesting to watch.

    "Welcome to Mount Vernon. Home to the World's Worst %ucking Roundabout!".
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    The thing about Mount Vernon is that while people tell you they love living there and what not, they really don't. They wish they were in Europe or some major city. And that's how you get them thinking they need a roundabout. Makes it feel "more European." South Carolina has had major growth and the DOT put a ton of effort into getting roundabouts in Charleston and they've spread throughout the state after success down there. We've got a lot of roundabouts near me, but the key is they are all very tight and in spots where they can get everyone slowed down to 10 mph or so for the roundabout so they actually operate more as rolling stop signs with zippers rather than the "let's slow everyone down to 40 and have the cars off Highway 1 play a game of chicken" like they have done in Mt. Vernon.

    I have no problem driving in dense traffic and I did it in Chicago all the time. But the thing about Chicago is the highways have fairly little speed variance. I absolutely hate driving in Atlanta because the interstates are all super wide and have a 30 MPH speed variance from the right to left lane. That variance makes for insanely dangerous driving and it appeared to me be exactly what they have created at that intersection. I absolutely hate it because I've seen what it does. It creates swerve situations, hard brake situations that take the steering away and quarterpanel hits that cause rollovers. To me, no driving situation is more stressful than that variance because I've seen too many horrific car accidents to ignore the risk, but 70% of the morons on the road are either ignorant or from the "it won't happen to me" school.
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    Atlanta was the worst...until Orlando thought it was a "world-class" city that needed "world-class" upgrades. Forget Interstate 4, which is bad enough. But--at the same time--Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, et. al., all decided they need to "upgrade", as well. Worse, they have widened bike lanes and/or created "bike paths", at the expense of making 4-lane roads into 2-lane roads? WTF?!
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    Could someone start a thread about U of Ia hospital parking ramps?
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    No shit. Or how about the driveways in and out of the main entrance.

    See previous post about dipshit engineers.
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    Actually you do. The world is "graded" on a curve. Perfection and utopia is unattainable
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    I think the one under ground is really neat.
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    Aren't they all underground unless you park at the top?
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    I just had to drive the Mt Vernon round-a-bout today. Was easy as pie. Zipped right through it.
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    Come on now, wouldn't you rather negotiate a 4 way stop with all parties making love to their phones?
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