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Discussion in 'Football' started by Fryowa, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. MelroseHawkins

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    not understanding the connection. Worked at what? Retired from where?
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    I appreciate this thread. A lot. @Fryowa well done sir.
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    I be a hawkeye.... lame as well.

    Only good story I have is that these are my license plates as well and my wife had a friend post on Facebook that IBAHAWKEYE.... UBADICK because I was tailing her on the way to work. Get out the fast lane if you're not gonna drive fast enough to pass the car in the slow lane.

    My wife ended up replying to her post and confirming it was her husband and apologizing on my behalf.
  4. thedukeofearl

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    You did mention Rolls Royce

    Shouldn't be massively difficult to establish a connection

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    My Dad and I were watching Iowa play Georgetown in basketball on TV in the NCAA tournament in our basement in Urbandale on March 16,1980. The winner of the game would go to the final four. The Hawks were a scrappy lot and due to numerous injuries were coined The Fabulous Few. Iowa ended up winning a thrilling game that went down to the wire. After the game my Dad said, "I predict the Big Peach headline tomorrow will read Fabulous Few in Final Four." He was right..... fabfew.jpeg
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    34 was my number when I played for the Fighting Sioux. That number has since been retired. I'm not sure if it was to honor me, or some guy named Phil Jackson who also wore it about 20 years before I did.
  7. MursenarySkum

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    Mine is because I'm a nurse practitioner, but am a dude... A Murse so naturally Mursenary sounds super manly, but I also used to have my virtual names be "rebel scum". So I combined them. I went with the "k" in skum because ESPN fantasy football flagged "scum" as inappropriate because it has the word cum hidden in it. This story sounds way more lame written out than it did in my head.
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    thedukeofearl said:
    My next-door neighbor certainly did

    He worked at one after graduating from UNI

    And he retired quite early

    He helps me with all auto repairs

    Yea, I guess that's easy to infer from the bold above. o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O

    AIRHAWK Well-Known Member

    General aviation aircraft sales is not as glamorous as it sounds. Glorified used car salesman. I cannot name every aircraft. I dealt primarily in Cessnas, Pipers and Beechcraft. From $25,000 to $2m. Did this in Iowa but sold all over the world. The internet is a wonderful thing. I created many friends all over the globe and met winners and losers. Sold to France, Dubai, India, Texas, California.
    As far as engines Friowa I can tell you what engine a Cessna 421 (Continental ) would have or a Beechcraft King Aire 200 (Pratt and Whitney). Didn't deal in airliners. A whole different big league than was over this old Iowa boy pay grade.
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    Merely responding to your post, Jack

    Now your starting to scare me, Cliff.

    Rolls Royce makes airplane engines? Who knew?

    Shouldn't be all that problematic to decipher

  11. Northside Hawk

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    It could easily have been "The Waite Is Over"

    Or "Hawks Make Con-Vince-Ing Case For Final Four"
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  12. The Big LeHAWKski

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    One of my all-time fav flicks is The Big Lebowski. (You have to watch it 20-25 times to really understand it)
    When I tell people this I'm quickly reminded why several coworkers and some friend's wives don't think too much of me.
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  13. The Big LeHAWKski

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  14. Hawkeyes5

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    Hawk Fan in Tennessee?? Just a guess
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  15. Fryowa

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    Yep, he said that’s what it is. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer by any stretch.
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    I’ve gotten used to that feeling on HN boards. Only instead of “several” it’s more like 99.38%.
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  18. Chickenlounge

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    Mine is from the song "Joe Bob's Chicken Lounge" by Johnny Socko. The song was on a mixtape (yes, i'm mixtape-years old) my roommate had in college, along with a bunch of other weird stuff. Always thought it was a fun song.

  19. hawkdrummer1

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    Mine is also too obvious to require explanation. I played in the Rose Bowl, in the rafters at the Old Field House and briefly at CHA. At one time there was a limited run IOWA T-shirt that featured the caricature of Animal playing the drums. Wish I still had it.

    Frank Oz stated that Animal's character can be summed up in five words: sex, sleep, food, drums, and pain. However, Animal has retorted: "Drums are food!". So yeah...that was me in college.
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    That Phil Jackson guy seems like a bum. I'm guessing it was definitely retired in your honor. Phil who?