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    Switching it up...my 'avatar' was a screenshot of TC staring down future NBA draftee Thomas Bryant, after an and-1 dunk. Loved those the intensity of his stares. Kinda pixilated though because I used my phone to take a picture of a screen.
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    Dr Alden Knipe. Iowa’s first coach with success.
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    Pretty uncreative myself. Tried to think of something I !oved about the Hawkeyes, tailgating and the numbers are a combo of my birthday.
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    I remember that game well. Tom Crean in all his genius brilliance kept sending a 90% free throw shooter to the line.

    Peter Jok was more than happy to benefit. He was something like 22-24 from the line in that game which Iowa won in overtime. Cook's "and one" dunk and staredown was a huge play as well.
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    Well, your avatar could have been "Hoops McCann". :)
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    When I was a sophomore Music Ed Major at Iowa, Miles Davis performed in concert at Hancher. I was unable to get tickets, but sent a Miles Davis poster I had with some of my friends who did have tickets.

    After the concert, they tried to take it backstage and were approached by his manager who said “you might as well go, Miles NEVER signs autographs.”

    They waited anyway and when Miles came out of his dressing room, they unrolled the poster for him to see. The poster was a black and white photo of him as a younger trumpeter kneeling on the words “Classic Jazz”. When he saw it, in his raspy voice he said “Oh man, ain’t ever gonna look like dat again.”

    He grabbed the Sharpie they had and began drawing on it (he was a visual artist, too). He drew a profile of a head around the picture of himself kneeling, with the eye a “sideways v” like you would draw in a profile, but the eyeball was clearly pointed back at the head of the young Miles in the photo. My friends said he “left”, as in was reminiscing when he was that young, “looking back at himself”.

    He then signed “Miles” while saying out loud “Miles”. Asked who’s this to? They said “Mike”, so he wrote “Mike” while saying my name, then said “you’re a dog” and signed “Dog”.

    So I’ve always said Miles Davis gave me my nickname, MikeDog. 70 is the year I was born...just turned the big 5-0 on Wednesday!

    By the way, the poster is now matted and professionally framed and hung prominent in my home. It was on display for a year at the African American History Museum in Cedar Rapids. I tried to call to get a value placed on it, some bozo I talked to at Christie’s made it sound like my autograph was on a cocktail napkin and also told me “typically, one name autographs aren’t worth much”.....this was MILES! He goes by one name mostly and most musicians know who you mean when you say Miles. Anyway, it’s priceless in my mind.
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    I love the story and it's great that you got that signed poster!! Belated Happy Birthday to you!
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    Best story so far IMO
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    And the Winner of the HOOPS Tee-Shirt is.....



    It's All Good

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    Yes, Indeed, Very Cool

    Miles was The Boss

    Kind of Blue

    Sketches of Spain is very nice

    He had so many excellent albums

    And, of course: Bitches Brew

    In a Silent Way with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, John Mclaughlin, Joe Zawinul, Dave Holland and Tony WIliams

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    Mine is pretty straight forward. Herky + Hawkeye = Herkeye. I was Herky from 2003-2005.
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    How many times do you think you wore that over the years? Was it heavy, hot? Did it help you in the ladies department any? Sorry, always wondering about these things.
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    I did all sporting events starting in the spring of 2003 all the way through the spring of 2005 including a bunch of different public events (4th of July parades, weddings, I-Club meetings, Iowa State Fair, etc), so it's safe to say that I've been in the costume upwards to 100 times. It got pretty hot in there during the warmer months. I specifically recall losing a few pounds of water weight during the 2004 Kent State game. I think it was 110+ degrees on the field. Any way, there were 5 of us who wore the costume for the football games and 2 during basketball. Otherwise, it was just one of us for everything else. As for the helmet, it was roughly 30 lbs. The good part is that it rested on the shoulder pads mainly. If you look at my avatar, it's a side view of the Herky helmet cut in half. So that can give you a good idea of what we wore. However, I'm 6'4" and with the helmet on, I was pushing 7" tall. I'd hit the helmet on just about every door I walked through. As for the ladies, it certainly didn't hurt. I recall doing the pregame festivities prior to the 2003 Penn State game. I was in the dental lot visiting tailgaters and taking photos. I cam up to a group of middle aged alums that were obviously having a good time. A woman (absolute cougar) came up to me and asked if I was a boy or girl. There were a few girls on the Herky squad, but I digress. I flexed my arms to show that I'm a guy. She didn't get it and asked, "What are you doing?" I proceeded to act out as if I unzipped my pants and swung my arm between my legs with my hand in a fist to emulate an exaggerated phallus. All the guys around her laughed, but she still didn't get it. So, she goes all Crocodile Dundee on me and grabs my crotch. "Oh! It's a guy!"
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    Mine is from "On Iowa," the "other" fight song. OIPATF is my license plate, and my user name is Loyal Son. "On Iowa proudly at the fore, on Iowa on forever more, every loyal son will raise a rousing toast to you..."
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    God bless the Lovely, Lovely Cougars

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    haha. that's awesome stuff. Thx for the reply!
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    Wow! If a guy did that to a girl he could be sued.

    There was a time when costumed characters freely roamed the Disney world theme parks in Florida. Then about fifteen years ago Disney got sued. A character in costume, posing for a family picture, went to put their arm around a teenage girl and accidentally touched her breasts.

    Well it did go to court and was quickly shot down, with the judge quickly ruling that both vision and range of motion are severely restricted when in costume and that it was the family that consented to the photo opp. Accidents like that were hard to avoid and in fact probably happened frequently.

    But it only takes one idiot to precipitate the lowest common denominator, dumbing down of society. Go to Disney now and in most cases the characters no longer freely roam the parks. They show up at designated places and times, frequently requiring long lines to meet them. It will only be a matter of time before some five year old passes out from heat exhaustion waiting in line to see Donald Duck and it will precipitate, you guessed it, yet another lawsuit.
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