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  1. PCHawk

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    Sounds like we were one of 3 teams considered for a 4 seed in the bracket show. That means we are considered a 5 seed right now. Man would it be nice to finish strong. With the quad 1 games we have left, we could probably be a 4 or 5 seed with a 5-3 finish.
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  2. Robowe

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    It happens to other teams too ... :)

  3. Robowe

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    And other fans complain about refs too ...

  4. thedukeofearl

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  5. thedukeofearl

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    The pitiful Illini have been exposed for-the-flash-in-the-pan pretenders that they really are

    Incapable of closing a game against top competition

    They do Not have the experience or ability of closing without blowing it big time

    Custer's Last Stand in Reverse


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    I probably wouldn't go with pitiful but as great as their D is, their offense is flat out bad at hitting 3s and thats a recipe for disaster. They were about as good offensively as they can be against Iowa and they still lost.

    Crazy part is PSU, Maryland, and Minnesota are all similar in that manner. Very good defensive teams that all struggle from 3
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  7. hawkeyewx

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    Bobby Knight is really looking old.
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  8. Xerxes

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    79 years tends to look that way.
  9. duhawk70

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    Beginning dementia doesn’t help either.
  10. hawkeyewx

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    It looks like Iowa jump-started Purdue. They are up double-digits at Indiana (2nd half).
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  11. EstronHawkKing

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    My least favorite coach of all time. Knight was verbally and physically abusive towards his players and other IU staff members, and they bring him back and celebrate him?!?
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    Man, I wish ESPN would dump Dick Vitale. His act is now like 30 years old. I thought he only did Duke/North Carolina games?
  13. Xerxes

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    He got demoted from that game a few years ago in favor of Bilas which was a smart move. Bilas is one of the few TV sports guys who doesn't have some sort of cliche role playing thing going. He just talks sports.
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  14. EstronHawkKing

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    I knew that, I meant I thought he mostly only called Duke and Carolina games these days. There is a reason why he is nicknamed Duke Vitale
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    So Purdue shot 50% from 3 against Indiana on the road. Two games in a row is insane!
  16. hawkation

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    Minnesota getting screwed by the refs in state college. Glad to know it's not only Iowa that the refs hate.
  17. PCHawk

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    This guy is an idiot.
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  19. WindsorHawk

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    I mentioned before the Iowa game that Illinois was about to come back to the pack...could lose their next 5.

    @ Iowa
    Michigan State
    @ Rutgers
    @ Penn State
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  20. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    It would be awesome if Michigan State and Maryland tanked, leaving the top 4 as Iowa, Illinois, Penn State, and Rutgers. What would the odds of that been before the season started?
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