Outback Bowl announcers: Mark Jones, Dusty Dvoracek, Molly McGrath

Discussion in 'Football' started by Scooby, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Scooby

    Scooby Well-Known Member

    Mark Jones has been a good luck charm for Iowa most of the time.
    I've grown to like Dusty as a commentator.
    Better than Brian Griese and Jason Benetti & Kelly Stouffer, who were brutal calling the Iowa-Purdue game.
  2. hawkfan2679

    hawkfan2679 Well-Known Member

    "Trick or treat, Iowa City!"

    That's all I got.
  3. homes

    homes Well-Known Member

    Who can forget, "Jermelle Lewis, working Minnesota like a part time job".
  4. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    I like it when Spero Dedes does our basketball games.

    He's nothing special as an announcer, but we win every time he does our game.:)
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  5. Scooby

    Scooby Well-Known Member

    "Freddie Russell turning on the spin cycle and drying out the defense."
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  6. HawksMN

    HawksMN Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a good crew for a hot mic.
  7. 1hawkeye1

    1hawkeye1 Well-Known Member

    I have have no problem with this crew. So take that Mr. Jon Diesel "you don't like Beth Mowins because she's a woman" Miller.
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