Outback Bowl play calling

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    Jeez, do you even watch the game or are you so far down on KF that it blinds you? A big reason why there was busted coverage is because the safety was giving Hock attention. Much of Easley's success was because they were over covering Hock.

    The play calling was good, they made in game adjustments when it became obvious the running game wasn't going to produce anything. In the days before BF we would have continued to pound the ball. My only gripe is they were to aggressive at the end of the first half and at the end of the game.
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    You are complaining about being to aggressive at the end of halves?

    I’m tired of us wasting over a minute at the end of halves because we are too conservative to take shots for fear of a turnover.
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    Trust me, he's part of the "flat-out-a-fucking-10!" crowd.
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    Or both...
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    To be honest besides the piss poor punting and the kick off return fumble it kinda reminded me of Kirk's first few years. Grit it out and beat an opponent on paper we shouldn't of. A couple lucky bounces our way and we won the game so I'm not going to dissect it a bunch. We won. Next year it will be interesting if we inprove or if it's just another blah woopy year. I know the schedule isn't going to be any favor to us.
    Kirk needs to get back the special team advantage and powerfull o-line. Minimize silly turnovers. The d is what will have to keep us in games inspite of our offense.
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    Bob? Is that you? I'm still planning on coming up to visit. Of course, I'm assuming you are my buddy from HS. Otherwise, how would you know me so well.

    I suffered through Commings. I was in HS when Hayden was hired and that was my first dose of fun, high quality football.

    KF has done mostly what Fry did with the exception of turning around a terrible program. But KF has run his course. He is stuck in the 70s. And it's BORiNG. Shoot even the NFL is evolving faster than KF.

    I love Iowa football. But I hate our HCs style of offense. And the lack of innovation and creativity.

    I can't figure why the delay of game penalties after TOs, and poor clock management and inability to crush weaker opponents isn't more of concern for you KF-lovers.

    Why are you so blind to the mediocrity of this program? And why don't you want a coach to take us to the next level? Or are you one of the "It's Iowa. We can't recruit. You should all feel lucky we win 7 or 8 games a year." Crowd.

    Fry brought us out of the abyss. But KF has maintained. He hasn't taken us to the next level.

    And don't come back with "but, but we might get a bad coach" BS
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    Wow. Full of excuses. Weak.

    The NFL is evolving with the college game. Look at the QBs. So many more dual threat type QBs. Less FBs. Etc.

    We are about the 5th best team in the conference in KFs tenure. Out of 10, 12, and now 14 teams. We are behind OSU, PSU, MSU, Wiscy and possibly UM now. I get blue blood, but Wiscy sure isn't a blue blood.

    Yes, weak opponents rarely get crushed by power 5 conference teams. Oh wait, yes they do. Remember when we had to block 2 FGs to beat UNI? Not even a power house FCS program that year. But with scholly limits we should expect to get beat by NDSU regularily. That's football.

    What does Alford have to do with anything? A poor hire by a crappy AD.

    I have no idea what coach would come to Iowa. But I remember one that would, Bob Stoops. He's a pretty good ball coach. And you cannot tell me there are not any that wouldn't unless you have an insiders knowledge of what every top tier coach is thinking.

    Keep enjoying the 3 disappointing seasons followed by the one really good one.

    I believe this program can average 10 wins a season. It should be better than averaging 7.5 wins.

    But if you are satisfied by a 4 win season, followed by 2 8 win seasons followed by an 11 win season, then back to 4 wins. Then you have found your program.
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    I answered and refuted each of your statements. "Weak" would correspond to your "level of comprehension". And you COMPLETELY missed on Stoops. Yes, he was interested. No, he wasn't interested enough to wait for Iowa to finish the interview process. What other candidates were there? Terry Allen?

    "I believe"...huh? Iowa has NEVER "averaged" 10 wins a season. Ever. At any time in their history. Through the post-WWII era, we are probably as close to having as many 10-LOSS seasons as we are 10-win seasons. And that is fact, no matter what you "believe". KF has had exactly ONE 10-loss season (his first).

    Post-2000, we have had EXACTLY ONE 4-win season. One. "Back to 4 wins" has happened exactly once (since 2000). Once (2012). Beyond that, KF has never had less than SIX wins in a season. In that same period, MSU has had FIVE seasons of less than six wins. Michigan has had THREE. Penn State has TWO. Wiscy has ONE (same as Iowa). Notre Dame has FOUR. Hell, even Miami/FL and USC each have ONE. JHF average 7.14 wins in his 20 years. In the entire history of the program, Iowa has AVERAGED five wins per season in its 130 seasons of football.

    Save "weak" for someone who is as clueless as you are.
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    Kind of, normally I like the aggressiveness but not in that situation against that defense. Get the ball closer to mid-field I may have felt differently. But not that deep in their own territory and a punter who struggles to get the ball past mid field.
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    Good job. You brought some legit facts to your last post. Thankful it wasn't full of excuses like the previous. Thanks.

    So, You are blaming Stoops for the Admins stupidity. But that's an aside. You asked what top tier coaches would want to come to Iowa and I gave you one. But that isn't good enough.

    I never said we ever averaged 10 wins. But if Wiscy can do it why can't we? Why do we have to look up at Wiscy all the time. Why can Wiscy be so successful with different coaches? I thought you had to stay with one coach to be successful.

    Despite your inferiority complex, Iowa is a destination program. Power 5, top revenue generating program, great facilities, one of the best fan bases in the nation, one of the best stadiums in the nation and a weak press Corp, and an AD that will throw money at you. You tell me why a top level coach wouldn't want to come here.

    Wait I know, low expectations by fans like you. Mired in mediocrity. Can't see what could be.

    It's sad. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe whenKF leaves we fall back to being like ISU.
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    Yeah, it's a situational thing. But we rarely try anything. No matter where we are on the field. I hate seeing us run the ball with a minute left on our own 40. That kills me.
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    I would disagree with the progression. When Stanley snaps his head around Hock is only a couple yards downfield because he started in an offset FB position. I think the read was deep to short and the first read is all he needed. Kudos to the stutter by Easley to give Abram the read that he was going to stalk block him...bad eye discipline from the safety and it's an easy pitch and catch from there.

    Related: Is Easley that slow, Abram that fast, or both?
  14. pythagoras

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    His flipping helmet was coming off
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    ^This. It was reported during the game that Hock went to Brain angry about his lack of targets. So Hock must have felt he had been open enough.

    All of this praise for BF and his playcalling makes me chuckle a bit. After Davis I guess anything feels like an improvement.

    We had run the ball 10x for -16 yards before the Easley 75 yarder. The run game ineptitude set up Abrams leaning in to play the run on that play. You guys really think BF was intentionally trying to go backwards just to set up one pass play? For how long was he planning on doing this? That is kind of risky and stupid strategy as we totally got manhandled in that first quarter. We were lucky we weren't down 14. The genius of Ferentz offensive football started the game with the same game plan we do 99% of the time. They think they can play a superior physical team by playing straight up with them. No wrinkles, no creativity to our offense.

    Give BF credit for throwing in the second half I suppose but what was he going to do? Run it another 20x for -50 yards?

    And throwing 3 straight times before halftime wasn't aggresive. It was just plain stupid. And Kirk got that right when he used that exact same word to Molly McGrath.

    Our defense stepped up again, our offense made enough big plays when we needed it, Miss St shot themselves in the foot, and Morehead might be in Tracy Claeys meathead territory. I mean going for two after their first touchdown (??) but not going for two after their second to put you up by at least a FG? That is some smelly game management there.

    We gained 199 yards of offense and were 1/11 on third downs. We played a one-dimensional offensive football team. I am glad we won this meaningless football game. I am always happy we win, but would have liked to have won a couple more meaningful games during the regular season. I guessed 8-5 before the season. I will never expect more than 8 wins from Kirk.
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  16. skinnykilmer17

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    This is true. I believe Easley said this happened. You could see him grabbing his own face mask at least once.

    Which brings to me this point. After the Ohio St game last year with the alt uniforms, I believe it was James Daniels who was quoted as saying the new helmets for that game fit a lot better.

    To me our uniforms, especially our pants, just look old and ill-fitting. How often do we actually get new uniforms including helmets?

    I could see cheap Gary taking shortcuts. Especially after that little 6 1/2 million dollar lawsuit settlement.
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    Maybe BF just wanted to prove to some of the posters on this board that we can win next year without Fant and Hock.
  18. proudhawkfan21

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    I understand that we arent the fastest team on planet earth but here are a couple things that I'd like to see:

    1. Pitch/toss plays to attack the outside leverage with speed

    2. Increased, proper use of screen passes both as a longer yardage alternative but also as an attacking early down option on the outside (wr screen/rub game)

    3. Similar to #2, quick short passes to Se/wr to work against smaller cb or when not in press coverage. If db is off 10+ yards the immediate read is the quick pass. This is of course sets up fades vs press cover. You work this as an emphasis to a particular drive.

    4. Reverse off of the developing outside zone read play. Have to keep pursuit honest or make it pay.

    Easier said than done but all of it compliments our current strengths, just adds a tiny bit of mystery and slows down the speed at which defenses attack us. We need better/more utilization of plays that take advantage of size or speed advantages or to level the field when we are at a disadvantage.
  19. proudhawkfan21

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    If you watched any of his recent interviews, he will coach into his early 70's if possible. He loves it.
  20. HawkeyeDenis

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    Iowa's offensive line was getting beat like a drum by Mississippi State's defensive line. Those guys were the best defensive line that Iowa has faced or will face in the foreseeable future. Without Mississippi State's penalties it would have been a solid beat down of Iowa. The Nick Easley pass was a fluke. It worked when Iowa needed it.

    Having said that, at least the offense only had one screw up. That being the interception. What counts is Iowa got the W!