Pampero Firbo

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    Pampero Firpo
    2019 International Division Inductee
    Having been trained by Rudy Dusek, he made his debut in 1953 and wrestled variously as Ervan the Armenian, Ivan the Terrible, The Missing Link, The Great Pampero and the Wild Bull of the Pampas, as well as his most famous alter-ego of Pampero Firpo (named after the original, Luis Ángel Firpo).[1] An early pioneer of hardcore wrestling, Kachmanian usually wrestled as a heel, although he would go on to have a run as a face after being fireballed by The Sheik.[1] Other notable feuds in his career would include Nick Bockwinkel, Alberto Madril and Apollo Jalisco.
    2017 PWHF Hall of Fame Induction Class
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    [​IMG] 89 years old!
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    He was oooooooh yeaaaaaaaah before the Macho Man
    Had a better iron claw than Fritz Von Erich
    Had a bearhug that no one could escape.
    Had better hair than Bruiser Brody
    We truly lost a great one.
    He'll be missed.
    Wild Bull Pampas 4 life!
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    Didn't he also use a file for his teeth?

    Very influential, ahead of his time wrestler..
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    Freddie Blaisse used to file his teeth also.Bruiser had waay cool hair.