Pat Forde destroys MSU hiring of Tucker

Discussion in 'Football' started by tweeterhawk, Feb 14, 2020.

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    Nick Saban first 5 years ... 34-24
    Since ... 214-41

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    I think KF is doing fine minus the glitch pre 2014 post 2009. He appears to correct most issues especially lately. Was simply adding to the thread. KF had not a lot more credentials than Tucker. There were several things he was slow to correct and I questioned things.

    Fran got better this year by Luka s development. No one saw that coming outside the program. Fran has done well this year considering but some of the deficiencies are on him. Some...

    With all the holes next year I expect football will be fine. BB... Would guess Luka gone but who knows.

    Of course Bob wont respond to that.
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    Don't say nobody man. We are talking millions of dollars guaranteed. There were lines to get that deal.
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    I did preface what I said with who they would have preferred to have had. Which is what mattered. Who knows what they offered those other guys exactly but I'm sure it'd have been a fair price more then what any of them had been making. I think they really undershot Tuckers original offer just because they thought he'd might take it. But they were wrong. So they decided instead of having more egg on their face and to continue the search they'd up their offer to where he couldn't refuse and that's what happened.
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    Respond to rambling? You're right.
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    I'll give you credit. You are kind of funny. I'll try and make 5 word sentences for you.

    For Bob...KF makes changes so OK. :rolleyes:
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    Uh...I'm VERY funny...just not "ha ha" funny!
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    You mean he isn't still in one?
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    They look comfy. Especially the sloth.
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