Peeps are saying that Joe T is better than advertised

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by InGoodCo, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. InGoodCo

    InGoodCo Well-Known Member

    I like Pat "ok" and listen to him regularly on his shows in the morning. He's fairly out of touch about most things but I typically like his thoughts on Iowa so that's why I listen. This little tidbit would be some welcomed news.
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  2. Hawkboys

    Hawkboys Well-Known Member

    I don't follow him closely but I remember him as fairly antagonistic towards athletic Dept, so I would view this as really good news.
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  3. NorthKCHawk

    NorthKCHawk Well-Known Member

    Great news if true. I think Joe T will have to play a role at the PG this season one way or the other. But, I like the sound of things that he is ready, not just that we need a body.

    This bolsters my position that this team is going to be sneaky good.
  4. Tierney

    Tierney Well-Known Member

    It sounds like he is getting use to the speed and his new teammates.
  5. mopkins

    mopkins King Kong

    Has there been any update on Bohannon at all recently?
  6. InGoodCo

    InGoodCo Well-Known Member

    no word to my knowledge and he's mute on social media recently.
  7. 1hawkeye1

    1hawkeye1 Well-Known Member

    I told ya'll. :p
  8. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    I certainly find this excellent news if it pans out. Man do we need a game changer at that position. Fingers crossed. :)
  9. tksirius

    tksirius Well-Known Prostitute

    I'm not saying Pat's wrong (I really hope it's true), but if there was an Iowa journalists version of the real housewives TV show, he would be the star hands down. That guy is 100% butthurt drama on Twitter. Too many times to count when he's been triggered by someone actually agreeing with him. I don't know the guy personally but I suspect he could use some counseling or medication.

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing Toussaint play.
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  10. SpiderRico

    SpiderRico Well-Known Member

    I wonder if the person saying this was the same one saying that Josh Oglesby was the greatest shooter in Iowa history. I take all observations about Iowa basketball players with a grain of salt, especially offensively, because our teams suck ass on defense..,
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  11. WinOneThisCentury

    WinOneThisCentury Well-Known Member

    Well...I'd like to correct your comment that is more reflective of why JT is playing so well since arriving on campus.

    "It sounds like he is getting used to the speed of his new teammates...and blowing by them."
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  12. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    I think the main reason for the shit show a couple years ago was everyone getting big heads from going against each other in practice. They thought they could score at will on everyone.
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  13. tweeterhawk

    tweeterhawk Well-Known Member

    Whether or not Joe T. is the real deal, our head coach needs to figger out how to use him. That’s not a given.
  14. Tierney

    Tierney Well-Known Member

    I read on another board that Joe will transfer after this year because Connor got all the minutes at the point.
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  15. tweeterhawk

    tweeterhawk Well-Known Member

    That is a given. :(
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  16. tmess1989

    tmess1989 Well-Known Member

    Of our 4 true guards in Joe T, Connor, BK, and CJ, I see all 4 getting similar minutes every night. But 3 of them have yet to play a game for us and Connor, showed weakness in shooting last year. I hope that Joe T is a defensive stopper at the PG spot.
  17. N8theGr8

    N8theGr8 Well-Known Member

    It will be a very good sign for this team if Connor isn't starting this season. It would mean that Joe is objectively better to the point that it would be silly to start Connor over him. Fran doesn't want to bring that kind of heat on Connor.

    From the limited camp film I've seen on JoeT though, his rise does not surprise me. I was initially concerned by the possibility of a Trey Dickerson effect where he can't think as fast as he can move. But I was floored by how many times in his highlights you could see him recognize the situation, drive to collapse the defense, and put the ball right on the money for a wide open shot through some high level competition. Either that or recognize a lane that hasn't quite formed yet, and just slip through the crease for an easy bucket. Playing that level of heady basketball with elite quickness is a recipe for success at any level.
  18. RobHowe

    RobHowe Administrator

    I talked to Pat. He told me the people who have been impressed with JT. They're not people known for blowing smoke or currently in the program.

    It's encouraging.

    The one reservation I have about going overboard here is that he should have some success in practice. There's nobody else on the roster capable of handling a quick PG.

    And that's been the problem in recent years.
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  19. ArvadaHawk

    ArvadaHawk Well-Known Member

    fran will hand the keys to the to JT at some point around the B1G conf schedule. JT is the answer at pg and the sooner it becomes his team, the better off we'll be as a program.
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  20. NorthKCHawk

    NorthKCHawk Well-Known Member

    Rob, excellent job confirming the information with Pat. I agree we do not have cat quick defenders at the point, but Conner has size, length, and enough smarts and quicks to be a very effective defender at the point. From my observations, his defense was the strongest part of his game.

    Isn't Evelyn supposed to be a really good perimeter defender as well?

    If he was blowing by JaBo, its hard to get excited, but I think we do have a couple decent perimeter defenders now, so if he is beating them, color me excited. If he can harness his speed and gel with the other starters, this could be what we have been hoping for.