Pelini issues 'apology' for yesterdays actions

Discussion in 'Football' started by AdamHawk, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. AdamHawk

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  2. 528646

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    You can bet your life it was forced/prepared.
  3. IronHawk

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    Meh he has won 25 games in the last 3 years. While Debbie fans live in this vaccum of their state and still believe that Tom Osborne should be coaching and running the wishbone, times have changed. And Debbie isn't what they used to be. Although, like the Hawkeyes, realistically I think they can win 8 games more often than not. Bo is a clown. But Debbie better be careful if they think they are going to get much better.
  4. cornfedcowboy

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    Pelini apologizes today for saying yesterday that he doesn't apologize?
  5. AdamHawk

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    Of course no mention of KF in that statement. I imagine the undergrad in charge of typing that up forgot that Bo insulted him in the presser yesterday.
  6. uihawk82

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    YOu dont think nebby could get art briles???
  7. ohhawk

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    Osborne left a sticky note on his desk for the incoming AD indicating various university approved form letters to be used for Bo Pelini could be found in the lower left drawer.
  8. IronHawk

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    Lol. Awesome!!!
  9. NCHawker

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    A segment of the nebraska fans and the media will continue to houd Bo and the next coach and the next coach and the next coach. Maybe in another generation or two they'll figure out that they are not what they wuz.
  10. Jonrn

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    Sorry I'm late to the game here, but what's with the little Debbie reference? I'm loving it, but not sure of the background of it.
  11. jsmith337

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    Maybe in the future, but not right now. He just inked a 10 year extension with Baylor, that's a lot of money to pay.
  12. olddude

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    Warning this is not olddude. I stole his phone.
    Sources say: tmarts dad was way to involved. Some receivers were having a word with him and he tried for the three and found it to be an immovable object. Broke.
  13. ThunderHawk

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    Tom Shatel, Omaha's most prominent sports writer, shredded Pelini for ripping on Kurt.
  14. NCHawker

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    I'm guessing it rhyms with Nebby.
  15. ColoradoHAWKEYE

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    Actually, I think we're giving credit to Loesshillshawkeye's (poster on HN) father.
  16. LawVHawk

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    I'm not seeing Bo's direct apology to Kirk for trying to smear him with his -- Bo's -- own immature behavior.

    Pelini's an a**.
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  17. loesshillshawk

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    Thanks always have been lil Debbie to me
  18. Seth53

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    Honestly, and I'm sure I'll get word-whipped for this, but, I don't think it hurts to have *a* jerk in a league....sort of draws attention to a league.
    (As long as it's not Iowa).

    Adds some color (pun intended) and shows the league have a heart beat. Think of Woody and Bo. Always duking it with the press.
    Bo Ryan and Izzo are two other current whiners who bring a certain amount of quasi-positive attention to the league.

    Who didn't love Franny tossing a chair...c'mon admit it.
  19. bigjim

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    Pelini showed what kind of idiot he really is
  20. SayHawkKid

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    Bo go's from being a belligerent, bombastic anteater to an eloquent and sensitive orator overnight. Classic