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    Another year, another 8% raise
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    didnt Banks end up playing alot, geezus
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    I would have no problem with them using two QBs in various ways. Let's say Petras is the starter and is the best thrower and ball handler on handoffs under center and good at running the offense from shotgun. But a Mansell is very good and shotgun and rollouts and option.
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    Concur...good idea especially since an injury to a QB can happen in an to have a stable of them ready and somewhat tested "in the fire." Doesn't seem to be Kirk's M.O. however.
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    Not the point
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    Kirk never plays the backup in a lead over tomato can st every year and you think he’s going to all of a sudden roll with a two qb system? Get a clue
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    And this cost Iowa a tie for the B1G championship in 2009. Iowa's 2nd stringer wasn't ready to play when called on in that game yet NW's 2nd stringer was.
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    The second string dude is never getting the practice reps the 1st teamer gets.
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    Hey ticket prices are staying the same with a pretty damn good home slate.
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    And part of the reason for years that Fitz had backup qbs who could come in and play is he always had a passing game with at least one safety valve receiver, at least against Iowa's soft coverage. You can go back to 2006 or so Iowa vs jNW games and watch the number of times jNW has a fullback or running back or a smallish slot receiver hanging around the LOS out by the sideline ready for a last second pass.

    These receivers were pretty open and would get a few yards which is a positive or even more yardage on a first missed tackle.
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    Iowa seems to be very healthy at QB or the future looks promising. Petras will have a year under his belt to learn the offense and looked like he might have been ahead of schedule a bit this year. Good head on his shoulders.
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    Yeah the competition should be a good one.
    This same line of thinking is why I think we see a big improvement at OL. Especially if nobody leaves. I made a comment or two over the last couple of recruiting cycles that we seemed to be very selective about who we took there.
    A couple of different positions, they really seemed to hand pick guys. So I guess there may be something to this whole not sending out 500 offers. Everyone has noticed the uptick in recruiting and it wasn't by chance or luck and it wasn't by playing the numbers game.
    The cast is in place.
    What I find most interesting is we have come to pretty much expect a DL an Ol a TE and a DB to play on Sunday. But we might have a wr and a rb who can play on Sunday as well. I am extremely impressed with how our wr's have come along. I also am impressed with our rb room. We need another Goodson who can cut. North South running is tough sledding and probably best on 3rd and 4th and short, no wr and the jumbo package of yup we are going to, can you stop us. It's like the fullback, not glamorous but vital to keeping the drive alive and punching it in on 4th and goal.
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    I stated it in another thread, but don't sleep on Padilla.

    KOK apparently loves him, and, by all accounts, he's way ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing the playbook and reading defenses.

    Mansell had his chances, but seems to lack vision and pocket awareness. Like the other posters above, I'd expect him to transfer after the season.
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    Next year will be very interesting. Petras, Mansell, Padilla and Hogan all vying for time. Petras has the lead but all of them are essentially a blank slate. We could see another Stanzi/Christensen “tryout” in the first few games.
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    More recent history says otherwise

    After the Rudock/Beathard/Sokol competition, Rudock pretty much played the whole 2013 season.

    After the Stanley/wiegers competition, Stanley pretty much played the whole 2017 season

    I expect to see another Stanley/Wiegers type "competition".

    Sure they will promise both QB's it will be an open fair competition. They will say it's too close to call after the spring. Then a week before the first game they will announce its Petras and Petras will play pretty much the whole 2020 season. The only thing we don't know is who will the 2nd QB that they will be stringing along telling him he has a fair chance to compete for the starting QB job.
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    I think KF has been more than fair with quarterbacks and being honest with them so they can make the best decision for themselves. There is only 1 starting quarterback here and all a coach can do is promise they will have a chance to compete. After that there are no guarantees.
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    Those two passes that Tracy dropped were really good throws. That ball to Ragaini (that you mentioned in your post) was also a very good ball, especially in that moment. The other two throws I wouldn't go as far as to say they were indefensible, necessarily; they were set up by some egregious errors by Nebraska "blackshirts" underneath cover guys, bailing to their drops and failing to get a hand/jam/wall on ISM and LaPorta, respectively. Those were pitch and catch throws that have to be made, especially when they are given to you at that point in the game.

    I fully expect there to be a position battle, I expect the spring game to be brutal for the offense (like it usually is), and I expect whoever comes out of the pack to be the starting QB against UNI next September to be serviceable, if not slightly above average. If one of those guys emerges and becomes firmly above average, assuming we can keep him somewhat clean, I think we might be able to surprise some folks given all the talent we have that will still be around.
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    First off...

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    According to the offical roster, it's Pee-trus.
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    Despite Kirk's forever comments about every position is an open competition QB is not. Not unlike other coaches in all sports he quickly puts someone in the #1 position (especially in the QB role) and then stays with that person no matter what happens. Part of it he wants to give the kid confidence that he's the guy and part of it is justifying his early decision. It's human behavior 101. No idea who convinced him to switch to CJ but that had to absolutely KILL KF inside.