Phil Parker as head coach

Discussion in 'Football' started by HawkeyeDenis, Dec 3, 2019.

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    If Phil or Brian we’re not the next coaching candidates, I would love to have Bob Stoops. Brings name recognition, Iowa ties, and recruits Texas and Florida heavily. Stoops brings in Oklahoma’s high-scoring offense coupled with Phil Parker’s defense makes my mouth water.
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    Stoops himself was a defensive guy.. His OCs were who made their Os what they were. Riley now was for awhile and I believe Chuck Long was his OC the year they won it all. I'm kinda surprised Long has been out of the coaching game. He had a bad run at SDSU and all but as an offensive guy I'd love to see him back in the game.
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    As frustrated as we all are sometimes, I think we take a lot for granted with Kirk Ferentz as head coach. Integrity, toughness, consistency are a few. Not every program can claim those things.

    FIrst we should ask, what is a reasonable, no-shit assessment of this program's ceiling. How often can the needle hit 100%

    What is reasonable level of sustainable success -

    How quickly could things unravel for Iowa, what is Iowa's margin for error and what would that look like in wins and losses.

    I'm pretty sure that KF has this program very close to its ceiling....of course it could be higher with a better offense.
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    You mean the defensive players Iowa has put into the NFL at a rate as good as any other team not named Clemson or Bama?
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    Yes but look at the overall picture. Every year the defense is the strength of Iowa. This year Iowa has given up a very low point total against some of the best teams in the country. And they have done this with an unheralded interior line. Iowa's defensive ends are solid and not to say the defensive tackles aren't good, they are just not at a top level.
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    Those are valid points. The head coach is far more administrative than people think. So much of the actual coaching is done by the assistants. A head coach has to be a organizer, communicator and a positive face of the organization. It's not a job for every coach.

    One of the concerns I have about Brian as the head coach is that he could end up like Pellini. A high tempered coach that chaffs the media and fans on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he'd be as bad as Pellini. He seems to be a good guy. But in this day, every coach is a sound bite away from getting fired.
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    Stoops had Mangino there for a year or two also before he went to Kansas
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    Unheralded interior line? Sure. But All-American/pro starter ends, corners, linebackers, and strong safeties. The defense gets elite players because they analyze the recruits and choose them carefully.

    What the offense does has 0 to do with the strength of the defensive personnel.

    If the offensive staff took skilled player recruiting and development as seriously as the entire defensive staff does, Iowa would be an elite team. Unfortunately, the Ferentzes are lineman guys at heart, and they don't believe that talent matters as much as hard work and pure size. It shows up in recruiting, it shows up in who plays first, and it shows up in W/L.

    The Jimmy's and Joe's matter in college football. They don't in the pros because the overall talent level is nearly equal by design. Ferentz would be a really great NFL coach. Probably Superbowl winning level. But he's just not the dynamic recruiter you need to be to be an elite college coach.
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    Iowa does take development seriously. On both sides of the ball. If Iowa didn't develop so well they wouldn't be putting so many players into the NFL.

    The defensive tackles were not the best this year. They were adequate. Just not stellar
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    They seem to develop corners and safeties. But they don't RBs or WRs. WR is changing.