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    It's slowing down for the summer and I'm bored.


    Someone might want to tell this "coach" that Iowa could have kept running it down thier throats last year. Also they claim to have gotten so much better towards the end of the year, and that Wisconsin has the best ol and rb they faced, but still iowa gained more yards on them. Something doesn't add up with those statements.
    Nebraska scored just a few more points on us then they did on this innovative and awesome 3-4 defense of Wisconsin's. Yet again "Nebraska was so much greatly improved by the end of the year.

    Ok I'm done. I don't need to write a half million words to act like I know something.
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    Honestly...I started to read it and then I thought, you know I don't want to spend this much time learning anything about Nebraska. I just like seeing them get beat with no effort on my part. That's as close to sheer joy in my life right now.

    I mean seriously. After the "Hype Killimanjaro" that was formed after the hiring of Scott Frost, to see them lose the first seven games they played...get absolutely trashed at Michigan...etc...was almost more than I could bear from a happiness standpoint. I mean a loss at home to Troy after all the posts about "Frost may get us to the B10 Championship game in his first year!". It simply doesn't get any better than that start.

    The fact that they have been beaten 4 straight times by Iowa must just be a foul odor in their corn. It's not ringworm or milkweed, it's the stench that comes from not being able to beat a supposed inferior rival for half a decade...including a few physical "your my bitch" beatdowns.

    These are certainly good times.

    Caveat: The only thing that could have made it better is if Martinez hadn't gone there. He's the real deal...and he's going to make them better offensively all by himself. He's that good. They still have to protect him though...that's going to be an issue.
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  3. 4thngoal

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    Yeah I only read enough to convince myself that #1 they don't know crap and #2 they are trying to convince themselves.
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  4. MoseSchrute

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    And yet it still doesn't shut them up somehow.
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    :) Insufferable does not come close to describing them.
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    Nebby's 2019 East crossover schedule is avg. They have OSU at home but I would expect OSU to win that in a fairly close game with urban being gone and a new coaching group. Then they have IU at home and Maryland on the road which could be a tough game for Nebby.

    But they do have 3 of the 4 top teams from last year in the West Conf at home in Iowa, Wisky, and jNW. This could be a plus for Nebby and the Wisky and Iowa games are in Nov. so with a healthy Martinez Nebby could be pretty good. Minny, Illini, and PU on the road will be 2 tough games at least for Nebby.

    If Nebby is not playing well by Nov it could be ugly as they then have PU, Wisky, Maryland and Iowa to finish the schedule.
  7. 4thngoal

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    OSU returns a lot of people. It's no big secret the wheels fell off last year, I would expect them to be better than last year.
    Wisconsin? Well they do what they do.
    I don't give Nebraska much of a chance in either game.
    Purdue has a qb who was granted another year and are proving to not just be an anomaly.
    Minnesotas "youngest" team is now another year older and was gaining traction last year.
    I guess I didn't pay much attention to the thread about how much better the west should be this year because it's just to early to tell, but if Nebraska thinks they are the only ones making improvments they are sorely mistaken.
    Which is exactly what they think.
    As I said I haven't looked to hard yet at any team, but I think they are in a situation where they are to thin and to inexperienced at far to many spots to make much noise.
    I'm sure Frost is pumping them up and I'm sure they won't just lay over and just get hammered like in some games in the past. Which is good and bad.
    They have already had several weight room injuries, so I don't think they will quit, but how that plays out remains to be seen.
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    Injuries? Some blow out an o-ring?
  9. BigD

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    Will we win our division next year and play in the conference title game? If not then why? This is the only questions Iowa fans should be asking and demanding an a answer to. I do not find any joy or satisfaction pointing out another teams weakness even if a lot of their fans a delusional.

    Honestly with what we lost I don’t see us having a great chance to win the West division. This is what Hawkeye fans should be discussing and demanding answer to and explanation from the head coach and staff. What are they changing to improve the program since what they have been doing is not winning the division. Where in the hell is the Iowa media at that should be challenging the staff on these very issues. Kirk should be PRESSed hard on how he is advancing the program in order to compete and win the division. That’s what I would like to see from the Iowa media. Challenge this coaching staff. But no, everyone is just in some sort of funk of indifference. Let’s point out and make fun of another school and their fan base. Looked in the mirror lately?????
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  10. HawkeyeDenis

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    They can build around Martinez. He's going to be a problem for us.
  11. 4thngoal

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    Well considering we have most of the time recruited 40th ranked classes and competed very well, and now we are recruiting much better and with more focus? I would say they have it under control.
  12. 4thngoal

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    Yeah, because OSU, PSU, Wisconsin, Michigan, NU have never had qb's like this? Yeah we have struggled at times with them but everyone pretty much struggled with Kirk Cousins also. So.......
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    Seriously, what jackal has that much time on their hands?
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  14. WinOneThisCentury

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    I don't think it's crazy to say that Iowa can win the West next year. They have to have three components come together.

    1) Stanley has to compete like an All-B10 QB. If he's at that level...and he's accurate...it's huge. Our offensive line should be very good. Three returning starters and several guys competing for two spots. Steel sharpens steel and they will be going against a formidable DL in practice...especially on the edge.
    2) One of the young DTs needs to be a disrupter...and make big plays in the run defense. I think it's going to be Nixon, but any of them work for me...Shannon, Shulte...it's all good.
    3) Free safety - Stone will be fine at Strong Safety...but we need a guy that can cover ground in a hurry...and can make plays.
  15. Adam

    Adam Well-Known Member

    Yes and what I saw looked nothing like a cornhusker.

    P.S. so I'm on board with the annual goal to be to win the West. That's kind of a no brainer, but how many times has Iowa done it? Before the divisions how many conference championships? Iowa is not nor has ever been a perennial contender nationally or regionally. To demand answers for not achieving a historically rare achievement seems elementary. I relate it to yelling at your dyslexic B- student for not getting an A in a class that your really really wanted him to. It's just an act of futility.

    Until we see several years strung together again with elite Iowa performances it will be hard for me to expect much more than what we have gotten. I also don't expect to become a blue blood under Kirk's tenure. Not this late in his career. Kirk almost had the foundation laid in the early to mid 2000's, but he let that slip and erode away. I imagine that is his biggest coaching regret. If we were still playing like '02 shit we would be paying Kirk 10 million a year. He did get close though and when his tenure has passed the next guy will have his chance. As long as Kirk can keep us on the 7 to 8 win side annually then I am patient enough to let him place hold. If Kirk can keep the program right where it's at then when he hangs it up it will be the best handoff we have had in 50 years. Making whoever the next head man is, job much easier. What we can't afford is to hit the cellar again before we make a change. I trust Kirk enough to not have a tremendous fear about it.
  16. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    I certainly hope this is true. Just remember that this past season some had our offensive line and QB rated as the best in the land plus we had TWO NFL level TE’s, both (TE’s) of which are gone. The defense as usual should be solid but the offense as usual will be enigmatic.
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  17. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    If Kirk hands off to Kirk Junior your OK with that? Twenty more years of mediocrity and irrelevance?
  18. Adam

    Adam Well-Known Member

    Well that's a loaded question.

    Firstly I don't necessarily subscribe to the idea that father and son are the same man. I know there enough similarities in philosophy to concern a good deal of people. However it is my belief that the positive trend breaks that we have seen over the last 2 years are because of Brian. The uptick in recruiting. The slow but still there evolution to a respectable passing game. The All world TE production. Going for it on 4th. Fake punts and FG's. These are all things I attribute to Brian. They have not always been done well, but they are at least acting like winning is important.

    Second, No I'm not fond of the idea of the exact same for 20 more years. I don't fully believe that would be the case with Brian, but I would support a very short leash if Brian were to succeed Kirk.

    Third. In general I am ok with it if Brian becomes the next head coach. That could have some positives. I am not ok with retaining Brian past a couple of years if the early evidence shows no innovation or modernization.

    Lastly, I am not in the camp that thinks these last 20 years have been dreadful. I do not categorize Kirk's career as mediocre or irrelevant. I believe that Kirk has maintained an above average winning percentage. I believe he has been the architect of some pretty good rollercoasters. He has almost breathed Himalayan summit air 3 seperate times. Unfortunately for us and him he has fallen short of making the summit. Forced to retreat from the mountain peak for lack of oxygen. All I really want from the next coach is the floor that Kirk and Hayden have mostly managed to establish perennially with the upside of someone who can actually reach the summit when the clouds part and the wind dies down.
  19. Adam

    Adam Well-Known Member

    Defense will hang even if they have glaring deficiencies. Parker has done more with less.

    I believe this years results will live and die by Stanley. Similar to last year except the RB's are a little more polished. If we bottle good Stanley for a season then look out B1G. If we get up and down familiar Stanley then book the 7 wins and wait for sunnier days.
  20. HawkeyeDenis

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    Yeah, because OSU,PSU, Wisconsin, Michigan typically beat Iowa. Iowa has been beating up on Nebraska because of the weak link at QB. Martinez is only a sophomore but he's the best they have had since coming to the B1G. He may end up being the best QB in the west this year.

    This year's black Friday game is anything up certain for Iowa. It's Frost's 2nd (3rd?) year. Martinez's second year. It's in Nebraska. Iowa lost a bunch of play maker's from their receiving corps.