PJ says once you're in the boat...no stepping out

Discussion in 'Football' started by hawkdrummer1, May 23, 2019.

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    Unless someone has personally sat in on a KF/staff recruiting in home visit, etc. we don't really know what it is like, other than what we are told, which is often quite different.

    Iowa BB and FB recruiting isn't one of their strengths it seems. Perhaps lack of cash, or many other variables.

    Strengths: molding TEs for the NFL, punting, contract extensions, coaching longevity, family hires.

    Weaknesses: QB atrophy, boring, predictable, lack of skill players, a tool for the Badgers.
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    Football recruiting is just fine. We're punching way above our weight. In fact there are few teams that do worse in wins/losses with the amount of talent. That's not a recruiting problem, that's a coaching and play calling problem.
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    Wow Fry, Do you even think about something before you spout off? You say recruiting is not a problem, yet even our really good class rankings are around #40 or so. To be exact, since the 2012 disaster here have been our recruiting rankings: #53, #59, #58, #42, #40, #40, #41. We are getting MUCH, MUCH better results than what our recruiting rankings say we should. Since the 2012 disaster, Iowa has the 18th most wins of all P5 teams with 52 of them. We are right on par results wise with Michigan (50), USC (53) Auburn (53) Penn St. (52), Oregon (53), Notre Dame (53), LSU (54). Those teams all recruit at a way higher level, heck they recruit on another stratosphere than Iowa does.

    Lets look at a couple of those other programs Iowa is getting the same results as:

    Auburn since 2012: #8, #9, #7, #8, #14, #12, #13 Avg rank: #10
    Notre Dame since 2012: #3, #11, #11, #13, #13, #11, #14 Avg rank: #11

    So Kirk Ferentz average recruiting ranking since 2012 is #48, and he is getting the same results at teams that average about a top 10 class every year, but it is a "coaching and play calling problem"? LOL man, that is laughable, even for you, completely and totally laughable.
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    This is all only true if you believe in recruiting class rankings. I believe in individual player rankings to some extent because they are usually only off a bit depending on the name of the school they signed with. But when you get 20 individuals who's rankings are skewed just a bit, it really changes the class ranking. If Alabama for some reason decided to steal or entire 30th ranked class, it would become a top 5 ranked class over night.
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    Here's a novel concept.....how about we judge recruiting classes (and the corresponding W/L success of our coach in relation to that talent) once it's had a chance to, you know, play against college competition.
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    Recruit after recruit talk about how they were encouraged to make the right decision, they weren't pushed or pressured etc when interacting with Iowa's staff. You rarely if ever hear a guy saying the opposite. The only example I can even remotely come up with is Brock who we moved on from when he wouldn't commit...but he was asked to commit after FIVE...yes FIVE visits.

    On the flip side, many recruits have said the Fleck gets really aggressive when they're on campus and pushes for the close...saying it turned them off and some said it was why they decommitted after having more time to think about it.
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    Here's the story I wrote when Smith-Marsette flipped from Iowa to Minnesota:


    Trey Creamer and Noah Shannon told similar stories.
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    You have gotten a lot of use out of that photo, keep it rollin'!
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    Pretty Flecking shady if you ask me.
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    PJ's tactics are right out of the book on how to sell cars. Corner the client in your office and make it seem urgent that you have to make a decision today. Perhaps he will be selling cars for his next job.
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    PJ reminds me of Niedermeyer from Animal House. "Killed in Vietnam, by his own troops." He has to have a high turnover of assistant coaches...can you imagine hearing PJ year after year tell the same sucky stories with the same "row the boat" gimmicks. College kids don't typically go in the tank on him because they leave after 4-5 years.
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    There you go again. I am sure Fry will stand corrected by your annoying list of facts.
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    "You would be a fool to pass on this scholarship from Minnesota!" That sounds comical to read or say outloud.
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    Admiral Fleck definitely didn't heed his own philosophy when it came to wife trading. He decommitted, threw the spouse overboard, and went for the devil chin.
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    Would you trust someone who dresses like this?

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    This is one of my all time favorite pictures! How is this image not on a T-shirt?
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    Yep. Rivals site has an interview up right now with recruit D'Vonte Keys. In it he says he appreciates the low key approach and how Iowa doesn't pressure you to commit.