Plan is to Play Patrick McCaffery this Season

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Jun 11, 2019.

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  2. phdsvp

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    It should be the plan if he's as good as all of the recruiting services said he is.
  3. RobHowe

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    What does it matter what the "recruiting services" think at this point?
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  5. Adam

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    Yup that's about how he told me as well, but he didn't look like his feet were on a bed of nails.
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  6. trj

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    I could be waaay off on this, but he feels like JW's backup. He will get minutes when JW is in foul trouble or needs rest. I am guessing 8-12 minutes a game spelling JW.

    All bets are off if JW has to do heavy lifting at the 2 spot.
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  7. Adam

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    That's about how I see it as well. I highly doubt now that JW will budge from the 3 spot with the addition of Bakari.

    Should be a light duty season for Patrick. My wildcards now are of course injuries, or Patrick gets a hot streak from outside and Fran plays him extra at the 4 in a stretch look.
  8. NikeHawk21

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    Recruiting rankings are a bit of an imperfect science without question and most understand that, however right or wrong typically at a school like Iowa when you bring in a top 80 type recruit the expectation is that he is going to make an immediate impact. Same went for Cook, Wieskamp, and Woodbury before him.

    Now Patrick’s story as we know is a bit different which plays a factor. I’ve always felt personally that he was overrated as a recruit, but I think his ranking was based on potential. If he does realize that potential he could be a very high level player sometime in the future, it’s just unlikely for next season. I’m still hopeful he can give us some quality spot minutes off the bench.
  9. NorthKCHawk

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    I have posted before that I think Patrick will end up being the second best option at the wing behind JW. Which would move Joe over to the 2 and make Iowa a very, very long team indeed. But, I do not believe he will start at the beginning of the season because I think Conner will (and I don't think Fran can have the optics of starting both his sons). So, it will really be a question of whether Frederick shows he has the chops to be a starting 2 in this conference and can hold off Patrick as he eases into playing college ball.

    I could see Patrick playing the Nicholas Baer role on this team. 6th man, has a lot of intangibles and can score, has flexibility to play post or wing. Good rebounder. High IQ. I am sort of rooting for this role as it will mean Frederick is legit.
  10. PCHawk

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    Connor, Wieskamp, Patrick, Nunge, Garza is a really long lineup. I hope Patrick surprises people. Size is obviously important, but so is strength. If Patrick plays stronger than a guy like Baer did as a freahman, then he can be successful too even tho he weighs a little less. If he's skinny and weak, that's not a good combo.
  11. NikeHawk21

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    I would hope he’s the second best wing option considering he’s really the only other wing option at this point.
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  12. NikeHawk21

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    I actually think Pat’s best spot eventually will be at the 4 but that’s not going to be possible until he puts on a significant amount of weight. That’s where he could potentially be a mismatch though. At the 3 I just don’t see him as being a good enough shooter or athletic enough to be a real plus player at that spot.
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  13. RobHowe

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    Patrick still is affected by having had cancer. He's on medication that makes it difficult to add weight and curbs his appetite.

    Hopefully being in the university strength and conditioning program full time will help but I think it's something he'll continue to battle. Time will tell how much strength and stamina he can build up, and how that will allow him to compete at this level.
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  14. ModebaSan

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    I think backing up JW at the three is the perfect spot for PMac. He will obviously get bigger and stronger as his career progresses. Playing the 3 spot doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be real big guy. What he will bring to that position is length and athleticism. On the defensive end of the court he could be a matchup nightmare for some of the teams that like to play a 3 guard lineup or use smaller type wings. On offense he has got enough of a quick first step to get near the paint and take the 10-15 foot jumper. Being a little over 200 lbs. he could quite also be a nice open floor player in transition. Later on while putting on a few extra pounds and getting stronger, I can see him playing some stretch 4, but I think the 3 spot will be where his best position is going forward.
  15. Tierney

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    The McCaffery boys were both a year older than their piers in high school so they are both probably a little over rated.
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  16. NorthKCHawk

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    Wing means playing the 2 or the 3 in this offense. Right now we have four guys who play those positions, but JW is probably the only one that can technically play either position. But, the positions are pretty interchangeable in Fran's offense.
  17. JG10Hawk

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    Maybe I'm wrong but this is how I thought the following terms were universally known:

    Backcourt = 1 & 2 (guards)
    Frontcourt = 3, 4, & 5 (forwards and center)
    Wings = 2 & 3

    I guess one can technically say what term belongs to what position can depend on the type of offense a team runs but I think the above is the consensus for the most part.
  18. NikeHawk21

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    I agree that the 2 and 3 are pretty interchangeable. To me a wing has a little bit more size than a typical guard though. When I think of the guys that played he “wing” under Fran I think all of our guards are a bit to small outside of Cmac. With Cmac though playing him at the 3 really takes away any of his strengths and maximizes his weaknesses of shooting and limited scoring ability. Given that I don’t consider him a wing either. To me Joe Wieskamp and Pat are your wings.

    I view it like this:
    Guards - Cmac, Joe T, Evelyn, CJF
    Wings - Joe W, Pat, Till (Wing / forward)
    Bigs - Garza, Nunge, Kriener, Pemsl
  19. Hawkfnntn

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    Listening to Fran it didn't sound like his plan to play PM atm is final by any means. I'm in the camp of letting him try and build up some strength and size for a year. 180ish for a 6'8 6'9 kid is really really thin. Can he even do a pull up? We are really deep on the front line so he wont be a power forward. So if hes a 3 most of the time that's where JW plays. Not a ton of mins available to back him up. I do like the idea of him trying to be Baers replacement but I'm guessing their games are totally different. Baer was just a tough cookie and he needed a RS yr too....
  20. PCHawk

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    I think the really skinny kids are actually better at pull ups. :)
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