Play in game?

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  1. Adam

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    Not to be rude, but had you read my words closer you would have felt no need to quote my post to weigh in on the topic. I made no statements about about whether the first four were play in games or not.

    I was simply crediting the quoted poster for what I assumed was satire.
  2. Cableman

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    For me it's part of the NCAA tournament, if the loser was to be allowed to play in the NIT then I would call it a play in game.
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  3. BigD

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    It’s always exciting to get into the NCAA tournament. Would love to see at least two more wins before getting there. That would build a little hope. If we’re carried into the tournament on a gurney that’s not going to be a good thing.

    Maybe this is a brilliant plan by Fran and team. Get a lower seed on purpose and upset the second team we play setting up the pathway to the elite eight. :p:p:p:D
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  4. 83Hawk

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    No it’s not.

    You can’t play your way in to a tournament you are already in.
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  5. HawkeyeHypnosis

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    From everything I have seen even if Iowa loses out, they be safe. Bracket matrix has us as an 8 at the moment. Can only lose two more games if that’s the case. I don’t see us falling past 10 in that scenario.
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  6. hawkeyebob62

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    You must be filling out pre-school brackets. Every bracket I'm in uses the First Four.
  7. tweeterhawk

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  8. 1977Hawkeye

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    You're not in the tournament until you win the play in game. That's the nature of a play in game...

    First round starts Thursday/Friday. FIRST round.

    But, we can all go in circles about this all day long. It's semantics. Either way, you don't want to be playing in Dayton on Tuesday/Wednesday.
  9. 1977Hawkeye

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  10. 1977Hawkeye

    1977Hawkeye Well-Known Member

    I've never actually been in one that asks you to pick those games.
  11. hawkeyebob62

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    Oddly enough, one First Four has made the Final Four (VCU), and it happened before we had a #16 beat a #1. Of course VCU was an 11-seed, ot a 16, so there's that...
  12. hawkeyebob62

    hawkeyebob62 Well-Known Member

    No guts, no glory. EVERY person filling out brackets needs to have a First Four making the Final Four. It's American!
  13. 83Hawk

    83Hawk Banned

    From the NCAA website:

    “The Division I men's basketball tournament is one of the premier events in all of sports.

    The 68-team single-elimination tournament holds 67 games over a period of 19 days, a jam-packed end to the season that aptly earned the nickname March Madness.

    RELATED: What is March Madness: The NCAA tournament explained

    The NCAA tournament begins with Selection Sunday, when the selection committee announces all 68 tournament teams, and ends with the Final Four and championship game three weeks later.”

    Note where it says 68 tournament teams. Game, set, match indeed.
  14. 83Hawk

    83Hawk Banned

    This is completely false according to the NCAA website. See my post above. Yes, it may be semantics, but calling them play in games is simply incorrect. Saying they are play in games doesn’t make it so.

    But I don’t want to be playing in Dayton.
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  15. sioux34

    sioux34 Well-Known Member

    Yes it does.;)
  16. Bigtenchamp

    Bigtenchamp Well-Known Member

    So if its not the ncaa tournament what it is? a regular season game? So if they expanded the tournament to 120 teams it would still not be the ncaa tournament....

    Are these just some games played in the matrix? Some undefinable dimension..

    Basically this is just an extension of people crying from when we got in five years ago or so...

    That's all it is.
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  17. Bigtenchamp

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    But it has nothing to do with what people "think"'s a simple fact. Just because there are a bunch of people who fail at basic logic agree with you - doesn't make it truth.
  18. NCHawker

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    Iowa will finish right around 500. Some of those teams are hot and some are not. If I'm on the committee I'm going to weigh heavily on how they've been playing recently.
  19. 83Hawk

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    If the Dayton games are not part of the NCAA tournament (according to the “play in game experts”) then the 2 teams that lose should be able to play in the NIT or CBI. And yet they don’t. Perhaps the “play in game” experts can explain that to all us dunderheads who go by the official NCAA website, and not what some fans say.
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  20. sioux34

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    I dont think we the play in game crowd fail at logic. Looking at the logical dynamics, this is a play in game for entry into the field of 64. When the NCAA chose to add these games, even they called them play in games back in 2011. The fact that they changed the terminology to be more friendly and all inclusive does not change the fact that logically these are play in games.
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