Please tell me I'm reading this tweet wrong

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by 99topdawg, Mar 14, 2011.

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    I don't think your reading it wrong at all. If true, to bad for Iowa. Hopefully Iowa can pull in Elijah Carter.
  3. 99topdawg

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    The UDK is Tim Dwyer from official Twitter page of The Daily Kansan.
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    Seeing other tweets as well. Can we ever just catch an F'n break?????
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    Now Twitter is lighting up with it. CRAP!!!
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    Not crying over it, but I've always said that I prefer Carter more than Cesar. Either would of been great, but I just think Carter is a stronger player. Hopefully Fran can land him.
  7. CAARHawk

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    You make your own breaks in recruiting. If you wait to catch a break, you will be riding the basement for a long time.
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    Next man up...
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    That being said, Iowa needs scorers and power players, not a flashy PG. And this isn't sour grapes. I have been saying it all along. Starting five need to be Cartwright, Basabe, White, new guy, new guy.
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    I don't think anybody was excited about Cezar coming in and starting right away. Cartwright is done after this year so there is definetly need for another PG, unless you are a believer that Cully can come in and be that guy after next year.
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    Definitely agree. Fran McCaffery works very hard at recruiting, but it may be awhile before he lands a high-profile recruit away from a top-40 program (I don't consider Josh Oglesby as a high profile recruit).

    Turning around Iowa basketball is going to be a very tough chore, but hopefully McCaffery's hard work will pay off (he has a couple of more classes to land a difference-making high profile recruit).
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    I agree with everything but that Gatens will not start next year.
    Bryce,Matt,Marble/White,Mesahn,new guy would be pretty solid if the new guy is good.
    But we need to add another quick shooter along with a good big guy.
    I know that Gatens is easy to knock, but if he is healthy,he will have a very solid senior season.
    I would take Hubbard and a big juco guy right now. If Hubbard could start at the 3,that would give us a very mature,experienced group with two seniors,two juniors,and a soph.
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    Shock, shock somebody picked another school over Iowa, nothing new here...
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    I agree to an extent about Gatens. It's just that more and more I see Matt as a guy that is a good scorer at about 12-15 feet, which is not good for Basabe. I also think White can be the same scorer, but add a ton of length on D. So, it's not really a knock on Matt. But, really more about the other players and what they can offer.

    I see Cartwright as a penetrator. I see Basabe as a scorer who needs a little space at the rim. I see White as a guy who will score from 15 feet in. So, the guy Iowa is missing on the scoring end is someone who can stretch the D, which I think Fran has been pretty consistent about in his assessment. Now, this could be a three, but I really believe White is going to step in at three (I know it is expecting a lot) so
    that leaves the 2 spot.

    At a very minimum, I think Fran needs to get one VERY productive starter (either an inside guy to take the double teams off Mel, or a shooter to do the same.) If he doesn't get either guy, it is going to be brutally hard to move forward. Recruits are going to want to see vast improvement. This same team without Cole will not be vastly improved.
  18. TChawk

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    Gatens will be starting next year that much is for almost certain.
  19. JHHawk

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    I agree we need better shooting from the arc,but I just happen to think that Matt will have a big year from the arc next year. Like he did after the cast came off his hand,hitting around 44% for a stretch of like 8 games...then he slumped the second half.
    Mel has to learn to kick it back out also,which was one phase of the game he is lacking,passing out of the post.
    Fran consistently praised Gatens defense,so that is also why we need him on the floor,imo. All the frosh have to play defense much better,which is usually the case with frosh,and they probably will.

    But, Iowa finished dead last in shooting from the arc in the league,so we must improve,I agree with that.
    I heard Mike DeCourcey this morning talking about Jimmer Freddette,and he said that if you really watch him,he does not even pretend to defend anyone. BYU plays a zone,and he does not even put his hands up much...he was marveling at how much pub the guy gets for his offense,while he is a horrible defender. But,shooting well from the arc covers all sins,I guess.:)