Please Tell Me This Isn't Real

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by BGOLD, Jan 5, 2018.

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    LOL, Fran should probably see if he can get ahold of that. I think he could use some help.
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    Call me crazy but I'd love to watch that...I love a good comedy.
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    Here's a snippet:

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    OMG, no wonder our team is totally fucking confused on defense. That was horrible.
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    And for the low cost of $39.99...Can't imagine how that isn't a top seller. What a bargain.
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    Digital gold there baby. If Billichek was as bball coach he'd be studying this one with a microscope.
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    well, you know, he's won conference championships in 3 different conferences, so there is that.
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    Well you just sucked the fun out of that...
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    Like I said in another thread this season's got me a little whiney.
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    Next one is.

    "Basketball principles on how to defend the perimeter 3".
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    I know it's a snippet, but it does explain some things. IT DOES MATTER which arm is up at the top. It's assuming that the point is going to pass? Maybe why the slow pt can't stop anyone from driving?

    Here is another. It sort of looks like the Hawks play in a real game. Following. He totally missed and didn't mention the guy on the sideline denying the pass too.

    Now watch this guy teaching the finer points.

    What's interesting is that he obviously put this out. I would be embarrassed at the high school level. Heck, I can get 5th graders to do better and teach them better.

    Been saying for several years that FM doesn't teach finer points. This shows.

    Play them at the same time and tell me who you would rather have as a coach.
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  16. tksirius

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    It's clear my high school coach was light years better than Fran. He kept it simple and concise.
    Fran adds a lot of extra words with no real structure to what he's saying, which makes it confusing to the players. Matter of fact, Fran actually mentioned that his players still get confused but he doesn't know why. #RedFlag
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    yeah, that seems to be the general opinion. i might have to go into hiding. lol
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    I didn't know who that coach was. He is better than Fran!
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    I already got this video. Along with it, they threw in a free copy of Ethical Coaching by Rick Pitino.
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    Other Fran videos available for purchase: Developing Free Throw Snipers