Poll: Tyler Cook's Future

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Does he declare for the draft and forego his senior year at Iowa?

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  1. Yes, he hates school.

  2. No, he understands that he has no shot at the NBA.

  1. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    I’m not a grammar Nazi, but he put his dukes up...and I am seriously enjoying the level of butthurt I unearthed on this one.
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  2. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    Again...English, please! That shit is unreadable.
    If you’re going to come at somebody and not be able to take it in return then the internet isn’t for you.
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  3. deanvogs

    deanvogs Well-Known Member

    I'll respond to your points if you do the same:

    Cook by himself was not responsible to even close to 10-15 points of the deficit in the first half. Everyone struggled in the 1st half, and our defense was atrocious.

    Why are you discounting his PER? Luka and Nick has higher PER's, but are you going to discount Joe's PER because it was 4th on the team? Is he not an important part of the team?

    Put some of that aside, and just ask yourself what was Cook's role on this team. I would argue that his role was to attack and put pressure on the opposing team. Nobody on our team can get their shot like Cook can. Sometimes to open up the game, he has to force the issue, take the pressure and focus off others in order to free them up. When Tyler isn't attacking, we are a team that passes around the perimeter and settles for jump shots. When Tyler attacks the rim, it opens things up for everyone else on the team.

    Is Cook perfect? No. Does Cook make stupid plays? Yes. Does Cook do things that nobody else on this team can do? Yes.

    Now I tried to answer your questions, will you answer this question? Did Cook change the tenor and tone of the game vs Tennessee with his scoring the first 9 points of the 2nd half attacking Tennessee?
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  4. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    Honestly yes I think Cook was that frickin bad in the 1H. But that’s a tireless argument so let’s stay away from it.

    I’m not discounting his PER. My point about the advanced stats is that given his ability to sometimes dominate, and his raw athletic talents, it’s easy to see why fans get on him for struggling. I honestly think if he played hard all the time and had 60% of Baer’s b-ball IQ he would lead in all of those categories. Unfortunately that’s not the case and it bothers some fans.

    There is no question we want Cook. He’s a guy who can create his own and is a physical presence that’s creates a tough matchup. I hope we can keep him one more year and hope he continues to improve.

    Yes he was a key in the getting the second half going with his energy, but as often is the case when winning time came around he was nowhere to be found. It also makes you wonder what kind of player he would be if he committed to playing hard 100% of the time.

    He just really struggled coming down the stretch this year and in the tournament. In March this year he shot 35.7% from the floor and 50% from the line. That’s why people are upset with his recent play. With that said I’m hopeful he comes back, because it’s more likely we will see the TC we saw for the other 4 months of the season.
  5. koralakers

    koralakers Well-Known Member

    Agreed. If Pemsl was going to transfer, wouldn't he have done it this year (while sitting out)? If Cook comes back, with Frederick, Pemsl, Nunger, P Mac... man will we be loaded.

    Moss may tickle playing overseas...I almost feel he has a better chance at leaving than Cook, largely because of the enigma he was...Great at times, disappears at others, then doesn't play at others.
  6. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    The main reason is people have short memories and Cook has been really bad recently. That doesn't mean he's a bad player tho and it doesn't mean he will be bad next year. It just means he went through a slump.
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  7. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    Explain to me how athleticism is what beat us. Their points weren't from them blowing by our guys and dunking on them. They made 3 jump shots in a row. The kind of shots Garza shoots. And we all know he ain't athletic.
  8. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    I also think if Cook would have sat the entire first half we would have been down less. It was really bad. Everyone else was bad too, but he may have been the worst. At one point he shot a layup that didnt even touch the rim, fell down, then didn't get back down the court until Tennessee had missed a shot, got a rebound, and kicked it out for a wide open 3. He wasn't hurt. He was sulking over missing the shot. That was a 5 point swing and one of 3 layup type shots that never drew iron.

    The 8 minute stretch to start the 2nd half was maybe the only good minutes he provided in the last 8 games or so. The rest of those minutes, his play was somewhere between average at best and awful. You can't have that from your best player and not discuss it on a message board. I really hope he comes back because he's fun as hell to watch and he seems like a really good guy in interviews. Man could we have used those 2 missed dunks tho ...
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  9. HawkGold

    HawkGold Well-Known Member

    You didn't see the same game that I saw. Ball movement. Speed. Out jumping Cook.

    Went back and watched highlights. Still think the same. Iowa was a 1/2 step behind in first. TN was in the 2nd. OT went to fresher legs.
  10. deanvogs

    deanvogs Well-Known Member

    Why aren't you calling out Wieskamp for going 0-4 with a TO in the first half. Weiskamp was guarding Schofiled in the first half in man v man Schofield went off for 17 first half points.

    For some reason people are extremely tough on Cook, and give all the other players a complete pass. Wieskamp struggled mightily vs Tenn. in the first half, and had several games he struggled during the season. Jordan struggled all game long vs Michigan, and other games as well. Garza had a stretch of 5-7 games where he was terrible. Moss was hot and cold all season long.

    The last I checked it is a team game, and if you look back at the games come conference play and against quality non con teams, nearly every game a starter or two struggled in them. Once again it is a team game and many times the team picked them up and we still won many of them. I just don't get the finger pointing at Cook, when everyone on the team struggled for stretches.
  11. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    There is no shortage of players getting called out around here. Where have you been?
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  12. HawksMN

    HawksMN Well-Known Member

    The whole damn team needs to develop 40 minute consistency under Fran, which I dont know if that is achievable.
  13. pekurhawk

    pekurhawk Well-Known Member

    I envision Tyler forgoing his senior year to embark on an illustrious career at Pat McGrath's auto plaza.
  14. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    Iowa played mostly zone in the 1H.

    Again, the reason people are frustrated with Cook is because he is supposed to be our best player and he had an extremely tough month of March. In 7 games, he averaged under double digits on 35.7% from the floor. That’s bad.

    That doesn’t mean that other guys didn’t have bad moments or don’t have their own deficiencies. Also, I’m not the only person calling out Cook. You’re trying to turn this argument now into something it’s not. Cook had a bad stretch, but most people on here would prefer to have him back.
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  15. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    This argument somehow turned from Cook was a beast in the 2H comeback and the only guy to create for himself on this team to now something about other guys suck and nobody calls them on it. Cook gets held to a higher standard, but that’s what happens when you consider yourself the guy. It’s really not that hard to figure out.
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  16. oldhawk12

    oldhawk12 Well-Known Member

    Either the light bulb goes off and red face starts valuing and recruiting real pg’s and slashers to go with his bigs or he moves down the road with the rest of the coaches that couldn’t recruit here (davis, lick, alfred).
  17. oldhawk12

    oldhawk12 Well-Known Member

    For wanting more? I think it makes you naive
  18. dahlhawk

    dahlhawk Well-Known Member

    First, Joe is a freshman not a junior plus Joe was freshman of the week I think more than once this year. Does anyone remember if Cook has ever been Big player of the week? Second Fran admitted he plays Cook on the perimeter because "he likes to play there". Fran then said he needs Cook to be assertive inside for the Hawks. So it looks like Fran is subverting the good of the team to satisfy Cook's ambitions. Cook to me is a player desperately in need of self-awareness. I think it was his soph year when the shine wore off for me. Dunks are still only worth 2 pts and frankly he hasn't had many this year. The deal breaker for me is the T/O's. If you score 12 pts but commit 4 or more turnovers your not helping the team. Plus his turnovers on the perimeter almost always turn into points. Third his only skill is dunking,
  19. BVHawk95

    BVHawk95 Well-Known Member

    Thank God I don't give a rat's ass what you think
  20. deanvogs

    deanvogs Well-Known Member

    Iowa's motion offense puts all of it players on the perimeter at times. Garza, Kriener get the ball up high and in different positions. Heck Woody and Gabe got the ball all over the place as well. The offense wasn't created for Cook, he plays within what Fran does and wants.