Polls going into the last week of the regular season

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by dirtwrap, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. dirtwrap

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    We clock in at #18 in both polls.

    8 B1G teams ranked in AP, 7 in coaches. We are the third B1G team ranked behind Maryland and MSU.

    If someone told you after the Tennessee loss last year in the NCAA tournament, that:

    Cook goes pro
    JBo only plays 10 games
    Nunge out for entire year
    Moss transfers
    PMac doesn't play

    and Joe Wieskamp is not our best player and we have the B1G player of the year and possible national POY on the team, and this team is ranked top 20 with an outside shot of the conference title and possible 2-4 seed in B1G tournament, what would you have said?
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    MILHAWKEYE Well-Known Member

    That is crazy! I wonder if we would of had everyone available, what was going to be our starting lineup?
  3. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    Where do I sign? And how many teams, coaches and players were suspended because of the FBI investigation?
  4. dirtwrap

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    You bring up a really good question, and a person that is really objective would have to ask the question if we are not better this year BECAUSE of the attrition?

    The starting lineup would have had to have been: Cook/Garza/Wieskamp/JBo/Moss.

    I for one think that it took Garza having the post all to himself in order for him to be the player he is right now. I have to really take my hat off to Kriener because he really had to adjust how he played with Garza on the floor and how he and everyone else on the team has deferred to Garza. That definitely would not have happened had Cook stayed. I really like Cook, but he was not the right fit for the other pieces we have on offense. I think Cook could have been really effective on one of those teams that has a bunch of quick guards in a dribble drive break you down kind of game, kind of like a Maryland. Even Nunge, I am not so sure how that would have went this year because we aren't even sure what he really is. Is he a big? Is he a tall small forward? I think the chances of Nunge, with Garza on the court, is much more like a very slow wing than a compliment on the block.

    Also, CMac is a much, much better player than anyone gives him credit. That guy is so smart and stabilizes everything. I dont think he gets that role with those players here, and, with all due respect to JBo, CMac plays that role so much better because he is 6'5" and faster than JBo. We also dont see much of Joe T, who maybe not for as much as what he has done but for what he has yet to do because he can bring a different dimension to this team. And CJ is better than Moss, especially in Fran's offense.

    The one injury/defection that I wish we had was JBo, because having another elite shooter on the floor with his experience and clutch gene would add to this team immensely.
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  5. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member


    If Cook left and everyone else was back, replace him with Nunge. No way in hell Moss would have started over CJ.
  6. okeefe4prez

    okeefe4prez Well-Known Member

    We definitely are. When we have too much depth, Fran benches guys too much and then they get scared of making mistakes and then we lose a bunch of dismal games. The attrition forcing Fran's hand is the best thing that could have happened to this squad.
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  7. SteveGarvey1

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    After the Depaul game, I didn't think this team was even NIT-worthy. We've been playing on house money for awhile now.
  8. ArvadaHawk

    ArvadaHawk Well-Known Member

    truth. but we're playing awfully well with that house money.
  9. HuckFinn

    HuckFinn Well-Known Member

    Yes. Take a look at my previous posts and you will see that I predicted every fact you posted!
  10. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    Very good points. Maybe heresy to some but Cook would clog up the offense many times holding the ball waiting then dribbling with his back to the basket. Garza is quicker to action and shooting or getting rid of the ball and resetting when he has the ball.

    We could have used Moss as many times we dont have a good shooter in on one wing when there is an injury or if a couple of starters are both on the bench.

    We might only have 2-3 losses if JBo was healthy. Maybe less losses as this team is high scoring and sometimes only has 2 scorers in the game. With JBo and Moss there would hardly be a time we didnt have 3 and 4 good shooters and scorers.

    BILLBUCKNER Well-Known Member

    Garza has become the player I thought that Cook would be. I'm glad he is gone because it would have meant getting the ball to him instead of Garza. he just never developed his game. Moss would have stoled minutes from CJ. Wish we had JBO. He may have made this team the best in the BIG. I don't know what to think about Nunge.
  12. BrueCrew3

    BrueCrew3 Well-Known Member

    I heard one of the reasons Moss left was because of CJ. The writing was on the wall that CJ was going to get more playing time because he practiced so well.

    Simply my $.02 .. ..