Possible to Audit Refs?

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    NOTE: This is NOT a place to discuss whether the referees in any particular game were good or bad.

    I tend to believe that refs make mistakes like anyone, but aren't "out to get" particular teams, even though it can feel like it.

    I'm wondering if it would be good to audit refs? Perhaps like this: Replay game for other refs:
    - Every Ref has a certain # of games audited and must audit a certain # of games.
    - sound off (can't hear whistles)
    - Auditing Ref stops action immediately whenever he sees a foul. At that point, the computer automatically re-plays the previous 10 seconds of play from all angles recorded.
    - After viewing all angles, the ref logs an AuditFoul (the foul the auditing ref believes occurred).
    - The AuditFoul must logged BEFORE it is visually evident that the in game Ref called a foul or didn't.

    This would produce a list of Agreement, False Positive(Ref called foul, AuditRef did not), False Negative(Ref did not call, AuditRef did), Contradiction (both called foul, but different).

    Personally, I would not want the results released for each game. I think it would be preferable for the NCAA to score the refs internally and use it for educational purposes with refs in the off-season. Maybe release the year average score for each. I wonder if knowing this sort of thing was happening might decrease some of the paranoia (or show which refs are generally unreliable).

    In the end, everyone has to recognize that it's going to be done by humans and so mistakes will be made.