Post game Hawkeye radio?

Discussion in 'Football' started by Scott Leclair, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Scott Leclair

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    Ever since Jon Miller left Hawkeye Sound off I will listen to Dolphins post game. Is the sound off after Dolphin worth tuning into? Have heard it’s a couple dudes that don’t seem to interested in Hawkeye football. Curious if they break down the game like Miller and Zabel used to...
  2. uihawk82

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    WHO Radio Soundoff after the football games is still pretty good. Ross Peterson is one of the studio hosts and a die hard long time hawk fan although a younger guy but he brings passion to the broadcast. Travis Justice is a long time Iowa-Nebraska area TV radio sports person and he is pretty good. The show is still good, a lot of strange callers of course like always. Soundoff before Miller and Zable was the best but I cant remember the names of the hosts, one of which was a long time Iowa Public Radio and TV sports guy.
  3. uihawk82

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    WMT radio around the Cedar Rapids area has their own post game talk show and usually features some ex hawk player(s).
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    If you enjoy commercials about Jethro's Bar B Q every 5 minutes, you'll love soundoff. That show is simply a platform for advertising. People stay on hold (if you believe what they say) for an hour or more just to say something.

    They are interested in hawkeye football but....

    I called in once some guy who sounded like a furnace repair man answered. I told him what I wanted to say and he said ok and ended the call. I thought WTF just happened?