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  1. Ben Rumson

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    Doesn't make it any easier for o-line to preform when every big D knows exactly what we're running. Been that way for years. You would swear the opposing D is in our huddle with how we telegraph every play!
  2. koralakers

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    We are consistently predictable. Every play. Every game. Every year. Every decade. Both sides of ball. Only team that seems content w doing the same BS every game, regardless of talent we have, and regardless of opponent
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  3. homes

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    It’s not necessary for them to be in the huddle. I thought that was obvious by now.
  4. Robowe

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  5. uihawk82

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    Yep and I guess you havent read any of my many posts over the last 10+ years about the lack of counter play action in Kirk's offense to fool the other team and make them pay for selling out to the hawks first direction of motion on offense.

    Oh Kirk has the rare flea flicker, we run jet sweep action about 3 times a game, there is hardly ever a halfback pass, a reverse or double reverse, almost nothing out of the ordinary. And this also bores the fans.

    I would at least hope the coaches work the team on these things and might be ready to try them once in awhile.
  6. DDThompson

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    Is Wisconsin predictable?
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    Speaking of predictability...this thread
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  8. HuckFinn

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    Yes. If you believe Iowa is predictable, then so is WI. But, you are wrong. Neither Iowa nor WI are predictable, any more than any other well scouted team in the BT.
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  9. HuckFinn

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    If you think Iowa is predictable on offense, or even on defense, you should probably catch up on football schemes.
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  10. NCHawker

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    I don't agree that Iowa's O is predictable. Its a much different offense than 4-5 years ago. Not entirely different, but it is different.
  11. HaydenHawk56

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    What is mostly predictable is we take forever (on the rare occasions where we run hurry up) to get the play in, bleed the play clock, and audibles are almost always into a run.
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  12. chucktownhawk

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  13. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    You mean the game outcomes vs Iowa?
  14. SteveGarvey1

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    Compared to other teams, Iowa is more predictable than they are just by the eye test. Using anecdotal evidence, e.g. statements from opposing players about the predictability of Iowa, Iowa is predictable.
  15. THawk122

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    I thought thats why the offense lined up with 3-4 seconds left on playclock to avoid play predictions.
  16. revkev73

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    Discussion here sounds similar to one by Packer fans and players about the McCarthy game plan/game calling of running 4-5 plays over and over to futility and predictability....termination and a new coach and system.
  17. Northside Hawk

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    Hiring Aaron Rogers as head coach and offensive coordinator were a couple pretty shrwed moves.

    Leveon Bell held out because he though he deserved running back AND receiver money combined? Hell, he has nothing on Rogers, who is basically running that team, and definitely runs the offense. He should get QB, HC AND OC combined money.
  18. HuckFinn

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    one example of my claim...Iowa constantly moves players around the formation in order to “read” the defensive alignments. There are many others.
  19. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    I think it is Aaron RODGERS...but yes, he got rid of the coach and seems to be doing OK, until it isn't! Would be fun to see a Rodgers/Kirk dynamic...who is calling these plays????
  20. hawkeyes87

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    The fact that you seem to think this is some kind of new / advanced technique is very telling.

    And, pre-snap motion proves nothing about predictability.