Predictions for 2020-2021 schedule

Discussion in 'Football' started by dspot, Sep 12, 2017.

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    Barta recently said that they're waiting on contract signatures to confirm our 2020 and 2021 schedules. What does everyone think about potential opponents?

    I took a look at some open dates on different teams's schedules. Just for giggles, here are some options that I think could be realistic. Here are the assumptions I made:
    - has open dates, and schedule that does not include another Power 5 opponent
    - has to be realistic opponent, with a chance of winning
    - 2020 and 2021 games are at Iowa coz we need 7 home games, with a return trip in 2024-25 because....
    -assuming ISU series is off two years (2024-25) and then back on 2026-27

    2020: (we need another HOME game to make it 7. have 4 home BIG games, NIU and ISU at home)

    ACC: Pitt, NC need a game, could potentially come to us first. We've played Pit recently and it's been a good series, so maybe time for someone else? NC would be interesting since we've never played them. Both of these teams need a return game in 2024

    PAC 12: Similar availability and realism points as SEC. Cal and Utah could be possibilities. Return games in 2025 since they both do not have another Power 5. But we know KF hates traveling West.

    Mountain West: We could have just a single game here (like Wyoming). Nevada, has an open date and needs another Power 5 opponent (they typically play 2). A home and home option might be Boise. They need a Power 5 and we can return to them in 2025

    Sun Belt: Just a single game, GA Southern and Ark State have open dates and need for another Power 5 payday

    2021: (we need 2 home games, since we're at ISU. Assuming a 5 game BIG home schedule)

    SEC: Availability is tough in SEC as they're mostly all booked up. Plus there is realism angle here (we're not going to play their top teams). And I excluded MO. So what is potentially left is Kentucky - at Iowa in 2021 and at KY in 2024 or 25. I know there is a connection with Stoops there, so that may prohibit it.

    Pac 12: Oregon State has availability with a return in 2025.

    Single games
    American: SMU
    Sun Belt: Ark State here if not 2020, Louisiana Monroe or Louisiana Lafayette
    Mountain West: Colorado St, Nevada or San Jose State

    My prediction: I think we schedule a Power 5 home and home with someone. Which then tells me that ISU series might be on an intermittent schedule. Full disclosure: totally pulling this out of my ass
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    I find it interesting that the Big Ten has not announced its conference schedule for 2020 and 2021 yet. They announced 2018 and 2019 a long time ago.

    If patterns continue, the Big Ten cross-overs will be

    2020 @PSU, @OSU, MSU
    2021 PSU, indy, @MD

    The other interesting thing is the recent rule change that Iowa can now play FCS teams in even number years, aka the years that they have 5 conference road games and play Iowa State in Iowa City.

    So my predictions are that Iowa will host UNI, NIU and Iowa State in 2020.

    In 2021, they will be @iowa State and will host NIU and Miami-Ohio
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    Do not want to go out west. Never ends well.
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    As for 2024-2025, that will be the year that Big Ten finally moves to 10 conference games because the Big Ten will be expanding to 16 teams in 2023.
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    That 2020 schedule is brutal....MSU, @OSU, and @PSU for the crossovers.
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    Wow, I was perfect for 2020. What do I win?