Preseason Depth Chart

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jul 18, 2019.

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    Not gonna lie, Rob, I'm now concerned about the middle of the o-line and the depth at WR. Please tell me everything will be okay.
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    If Rastetter is the punter LeVar Woods should get a one way ticket to Siberia.

    He’s the undisputed, statistically-proven worst punter in D-1 football over the time he’s been here.
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    KFz never plays favorites.
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    Uncle Brucie got them fat stacks.
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    I wouldn't put a lot of stock in this two-deep.

    Come on, you guys know better than that.

    I know we're living in a world of needed outrage, but I wouldn't get worked up about a depth chart in July
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    Because the new guy has had 0 time with the team in spring. He just got there from Arizona State. Let's let fall camp play out.
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    Just hope everyone makes it through fall camp relatively healthy.
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    We're not worked up about a depth chart, just tired of a lousy punter who may or may not have gotten his job through "channels".

    I did note the "OR" on the P line. Could be a courtesy to Uncle Bruce. We'll see who lines up in the backfield on our first 3 and out. If if remains Rasty, expect some nasty murmurs in the crowd.
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    Correct. There's an "OR" plus a grad transfer punter who didn't get here until June and wouldn't show up on a two-deep now. So, there's no reason to be "tired" of a situation that has to be played out.
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    Here are some of my thoughts and observations on the new two-deep:

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    Look at all those underclassmen! Another sign of the recruiting uptick.I think I counted 17 from the 2018 recruiting class:

    That is not even counting others from that class that have received buzz: Jayden McDonald, Seth Benson, Spencer Petras, or Terry Roberts. Or for that matter, the highest rated player from that class, Dallas Craddieth.
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    Has anyone heard any news about craddieth? I’m not getting worked up about a July depth chart cuz Kirk usually places the known guys where they should be and then fills in with upperclassmen. But I haven’t heard much about him since he got to campus.
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    He was asked about in the spring. Phil Parker said he's coming along but not as developed as guys like Merriweather. Guys develop at different rates.
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    I agree with everything except the banishment to Siberia. I do not understand this unless it is just a holdover from last year and they havent competed yet this August.

    Imagine what a Jason Baker/Reggie Roby would have added to the hawk defense over the last 2 seasons. Heck even a Coluzzi type one year player or someone who could net 42 yards with high kicks and few returns.
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    Never question the wisdom of a Pinstripe Bowl championship coach!
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    At this point, such a list is meaningless, but welcomed in this dead zone of sports news.
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    I think the OLine can be really good with the time in the program most of them have. I hope they have gained maybe a little more explosiveness and quicker take off of the snap so they can move the LOS forward in the run game.

    If pass protection stays the same or better and even a 10-15% better increase in run production (25% would be great) then a couple more wins could be in the offing and being competitive in every game a very good possibility.

    The hawks lost their 4 games by essentially 14 points (minus the last minute fumble and give away TD to Wisky).

    Basically if the hawks can average 4 more points a game than last year they can win 9 games+.
  20. BrianFerentzForPresident

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    Baby Ferentz and Tim Polasek have been hitting on the need for better run blocking for over six months at this point.
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