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    This team will be a much better test for us. Recent years haven't been kind to DePaul, but us oldtimers remember when they were a powerful team for many years. It's generally agreed that they are climbing back up the ladder, but are picked 9th in the 10 team Big East this year. Don't be fooled by that! That conf. features: Villanova, Seton Hall, Marquette, Xavier, Creighton, Butler, Providence, and Georgetown, among others. It's a very strong conference and like ours, is hard to consistently finish in the top 5. They made the postseason [CBI] for the first time in 12 years, finishing 2nd in that tourney with a 19-17 record. They won 16 home games for the 1st time in 32 years and had 7 league wins [We had 10].
    This year: their top 3 scorers are gone- 46 points that must be replaced, but we lost a lot too!
    Paul Reed, 6'9" Jr. forward returns with his Most I m pr4oved Player award under his arm and lead the league in rebounding.
    Another forward, Haylen Butz, had 4, ten rebound games last year. Guard Deven Cage [9.1 ppg] had 130 assists last year. The incoming freshmen class is said to be the best one in more than a decade, lead by Michigan Mr. Basketball Romeo Weems [a top 50 recruit]. Add in another 4**** guard from Chi., Markese Jacobs. A promising shooting guard, Oscar Lopez arrives from Calif as does 6;10:Nick Ongenda, one of the top prospects from Arkansas. 2 transfers join the team also in the frontcourt that adds bulk and experience.
    It speaks well of them that they lose so much talent and yet are so highly spoken of. However, their coach, Dave Leitao, has been suspended for the first 3 games [failing to monitor his staff. The school got a 3-year probation from it]. The overview: DePaul hasn't had a winning record since 2007 and hasn't been to the big dance s in 15 years. so it's a hard ro ad back for them. Still, they are a team Iowa shouldn't overlook. This would be a good win against another P5 team and a resume builder [possibley]. It might not be a great win, but it could be a bad loss if the season falls apart for the Blue Demons.
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    You did that long preview and didn’t even mention Charlie Moore the leading scorer and notably a former Iowa recruit at one time it appeared Iowa was going to land.
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    The NCAA has to decide on his waiver for his immediate eligibility. I've not heard the results of that. Can u ever forgive me???
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    I'm not overly concerned, unless Mark Aguirre, Skip Dillard, Terry Cummings, Clyde Bradshaw, and Curtis Watkins are walking through that door.
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    Depaul sucks, and if Iowa can't beat them at home it's going to be a looooong year.
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    I’m almost certain you don’t know how good DePaul is. They have a 5* recruit and a former 4* PG in Charlie Moore who is averaging close to 20 points a game in three games.

    I also don’t know how good or bad they are, but they certainly aren’t awful. The fact that they’ve played 3 games is an advantage for them I would say.
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    They have played Alcorn State, Chicago (the city? :)), and Fairleigh Dickinson. Might be an advantage ...

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    Romeo Weems

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    Iowa is a 9.5 point favorite. BPI gives Iowa an 88.6% chance to win.

    Depaul is 3-0 so far on the season. They have a revamped lineup, but last year they went to the CBI championship game where they lost in 3 games to South Florida. They had some decent wins last year including Penn State, @ xavier, @ St Johns

    Former Iowa recruit Charlie Moore is averaging 19 points, 5 assists per game so far for Depaul.

    Iowa should win, but Depaul is probably better than most people think. After the Xavier Foster news, it would be a really dark day for Hawkeye basketball if Charlie Moore beats Iowa.
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    So I should plan on getting the Whiskey out on a Monday?
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    You should already have it out. I'll be over soon.
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    Been all over that new Skrewball peanut butter shit they've got floating around these parts. Shit is delicious. It probably would help with the X-man news - I can't get off the clock fast enough today.
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    Well to me Depaul is the only real challenge before Iowa goes on that brutal gauntlet of consecutive games (texas tech, creighton or SDSU, @ Syracuse, @ Michigan, Minnesota, @ Iowa State, Cincy). If Iowa loses tonight I will have zero confidence in any of those games and then suddenly a 4-8 (0-2) start looks sorta possible. Yikes.
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    Jeez, I had forgotten all about Charlie Moore. He went from Cal to Kansas and now DePaul. I hope someone can keep up with him as he's been shooting really well so far this season.
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    I have watched DePaul twice and they are long and athletic and they will be a challenge for many teams this year. DePaul has a two-year-old arena in Downtown Chicago that is state of the art. This team is on the rise. No more games out in that lame arena in Rosemont. All of their games are on fox sports and you can watch them anytime if you subscribe to NCAAM basketball on With them and Illinois on the rise, it is going to be harder to recruit talented kids out of Chicago.
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    Not gonna lie, some of these reports on DePaul’s resurgence and the way the past few days have went for Iowa sports, I’m a lil leery of tonight
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