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    Just left the Sports plex and though some of you guys might be interested to get some info. I watched the game that Fleming and Washpun went against Lohous and Friedman. It was a close game and was going back and forth. I left and the end of regulation and Fleming or Washpun hit a three with 3 seconds left to send it to overtime.

    Some quick thoughts. Bought UNI and Iowa got some gamers coming in. Lohous and Fleming are some ultra competitive guys. You can tell both of them will do whatever necessary to get the won for their teams.

    Fleming is everything as advertised. Early in the game he hit a three from 5 feet behind the arc. He also excels at getting to the line. He has a swallow release point but it is a repeatable shot and he is accurate from anywhere within 25 ft. Also can take the ball off the bounce and doesn't shy away from contact. His handles are sometimes suspect but alot of that was from him trying to do much. But his passing is better than I thought.

    Washpun is unbelievably quick. Him and Lohous were going at it and getting their shots pretty much at will. Washpun hit a few 3 balls but most of his damage was within 8 ft of the hoop.

    Lohous has a deadly midrange game. He also is a great floor general. He would of been a great player for the hawks but I think he is going to a offense that he can really flourish in.

    Friedman is a big body and has some great hands. There were quite a few times where he just dominated the boards.

    I didn't see much of the other game but I know Clemmons, Baer and Jeremy Morgan's team beat Uthoff and Uhls team by around 20 points.
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    Washpun was the best player on that court, tonite. The best player I saw in any of the three games, was Jesperson. He dropped 55 pts on Gesell's team. Flemming got his pocket picked half a dozen times but he played the entire game and showed toughness as well as a great stroke.
    I am starting to become concerned with this year's recruiting class. A lot of MIA Hawkeyes from tonite's games. No:
    Ahmad Wagner
    Brandon Hutton
    Christian Williams
    Dale Jones.
    Also MIA was Woodbury and Jok.
    Not sure how seriously these guys are taking the off season.
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    Is this a serious post?
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    Serious in the fact that playing in the PTL is a commitment that they signed up for. A commitment to the people that sponsor and give a lot of their free time to put on the PTL. It reflects poorly on Fran.
    The games themselves don't mean Anything.
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    Poorly on Fran is a stretch. Especially if you don't know the reason they weren't there.
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    There is always no shows to these games. Its hard to speculate but maybe they had important work that needed to get done for a summer class. Jess Settles wasn't there either. It is the off-season and they have other obligations.

    Granted I would of loved to see a full-strength team of Washpun, Gatens, Ellingson and Fleming go up against Jok, Lohous, Friedman and the Brown twins, but it doesn't break my heart that it didn't happen.
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    Trust me.
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    I love how when a player isn't there it's called a no show, like they just decided not to show up that night cause they had something better to do like playing x-box. It's the summer, players have family obligations, summer classes, camps, vacations etc and it's known way ahead of time that they won't be there.
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    Let me guess, they were all too hungover because Anthony Tucker was in town and threw a huge party. Did I get it?
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    Maybe they didn't want to risk getting shot in Waterloo? Probably a good idea if you ask me.
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    I'll pass.
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    Thanks for the update Casey
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    You're a Clown fan! You can kiss my crack!
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    The rest of you can believe whatever you want.
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    Trust what? You didn't even say anything exept your opinion on how them not being there makes Fran look bad.
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    I wouldn't want to walk around Waterloo after dark. There is usually some kind of shootings in the summertime in Waterloo when it starts getting hot.
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    It's not my opinion.
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    Just spill it already. You are hinting that you know the reason the guys didn't show up, just go ahead and say it.