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Discussion in 'Football' started by Ian Pike Hammer, Jan 9, 2019.

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    i am saying that mansell would xfer before next season. he should know before fall camp if he's 1st, 2nd or 3rd and he isn't going to be 1st. petras has 4 seasons left and he'll likely be 2nd, in my opinion. and that is particularly why i want actual rpo packages with mansell. that might keep mansell from leaving and you'd be able to safely RS padilla. and don't forget that (likely) will have hogan coming in in '20. hey, i could be wrong, but we all know kirk isn't going to make mansell #1 to start the season unless stanley's arm falls off and even if it does and mansell is #1 to start the season, petras is a legit prospect to be at least as good as stanley and perhaps better and a straight dropback qb IS kirk's preference. we shall see. it's nice to have these kinds of options at qb.
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    Mansell and Petras already battled for the #2 job and Mansell won it, that is the difference. If I recall correctly Petras enrolled early so they had basically an 8 month open competition and Mansell won it. I suppose it’s possible that Petras could pass him by this spring but unlikely.

    Again, just looking at the way the scholarships align my guess would be Petras would be the most likely candidate to transfer.

    We are both just guessing, that’s just my thoughts. I really hope both stay because I like the running element with Mansell and I think Petras could be really special as a passer as well.
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    Nate Stanley will take every single meaningful snap next year no matter how bad he is. Unless he can't walk for some reason.
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    Here you go again. You win the dumbest post of the week award.
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    How many years have you been watching kf football? That will define what your answer should be
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    How is he wrong? He couldn’t possibly be any more right. You can predict every kf personnel move like your most basic children’s picture book
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    Brock Purdy is awesome. He is the next Tom Brady.
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    And they kept playing bleeping IKM when in my opinion it should’ve been Torren Young starting all along with Sargent giving him a breather here and there.
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    I felt like Sargent was the best back all year and it seemed like that played out at the end of the year with him getting the majority of the carries.

    Back to the OP. In the extremely limited snaps we saw of either Mansell or Petras, it seemed like Mansell had better command of the offense.
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    This claim by you is an opinion. That is fine. However, you may be entitled to an opinion, but not making up your own facts.
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    You must have just moved into the area. That’s fine. Find an experienced Iowa fan to take a stroll down memory lane some night. It’s a pretty straight and well lit path
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    You walked into that one, old hawk. I saw my first Iowa game when I was 7 years old in 1957. Season tickets during student days in the late 60’s, thru Laturbur, Nagel, , Eddie Podalak, Cummings, Hayden, etc. Now retired for 12 years and all home and away games attended, multiple bowl games, been in every BT stadium. Coached at Kennedy with Jerry Mauren, coached Tracy Crocker, who was a 4 year starter for Hayden, so my memory lane is pretty long.

    So, you as a long time fan apparently have not learned much, except that you don’t like KF.
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    52 TD passes in 2 years is enough reason to stay with Stanley. That being said, I think this year is going to be different. Iowa loses 3 play making receivers. Next man up makes for a nice slogan but the production is going to be a drop off. Even so. Stanley is the quarterback for 2019.
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    It might be the aging process has affected my memory, but I feel like there are some similarities between the 2019 team and the 2006 team.

    * We'll have a QB rolling into his 3rd season as a starter, each who performed well in their first year as a starter and while being statistically better (arguably) in their 2nd season, the team didn't live up to expectations
    * Top pass catching targets graduated/left early (Hinkel/Solomon in 2005, Fant/Easley/Hock(assumed) this year) leaving uncertainty who will catch the passes. In 2006 Tate had Chandler, much in the same way Stanley will have ISM, but advantage there goes to 2006/Chandler.
    * Return quality running backs (Young and Sims in 2005, although Greene was also on the roster; all 3 of this year's RB's return next year)
    * Lost a lot on defense (Greenway/Hodge/JovJohnson/AAllen in 2005; Hooker/Nelsonx2/Hesse/Brincks this year - 2005 suffered more than next year will)

    Having said all that, I bolded what I think will be one of the more intriguing stories regarding the 2019 as we move through summer and into fall. Who is going to catch the passes next year? Is Weiting a guy with a lot of untapped talent who just happened to be the same age as Fant/Hockenson? Does Beyer start to realize the potential a lot of folks saw in home coming down 380 from Cedar Rapids a few years ago? I feel like Brandon Smith has the physical makeup to be a B1G WR, but can he translate that to the field and play as physical as his size suggests? Can we figure out ways to get ISM the ball in space because as we've seen on kick returns, that guy can be a highlight waiting to happen (sometimes for either team!). Which one of the young guys might be able to rise up and vie for valuable playing time and give this team an additional option when it really needs it?

    Only 8 months to find out...
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    I think we had Davis as a OC back then. I like the development of Brandon Smith and ISM. The running backs started to look better at the end of the year. That could be due to their improvement, line improvement or both.
    I am optimistic for this year. Not overly. Because there are concerns.
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    I'm worried we won't have enough armchair quarterbacks for the 2019 season.

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    I earned 2nd team all conference honors as an armchair QB. I can help carry the load.
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    So your why I was all honorable mention!!!!
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    This. So much this.
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    Yeah once they pigeon hole where they put them it's tough for the players to really separate themselves because of the lack of reps they get. The time for them to make their moves is during bowl prep and spring ball. Once the season actually gets close to starting and then going it's almost all in on game planning and prep for that individual game. Not much goes into development of the backups at most positions not just QB.