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    In August few of us thought this team would get past Michigan. Some thought we might get past Penn State because it was at home. It was hoped that Wisconsin would have a bad year. Instead they are back to leading the West.

    Most of us think that Iowa will get past Purdue, Illinois, Minnesota. Nebraska, Northwestern are also very winnable. This is still going to be a good year against a tough schedule.
    The point is, This team is what we thought it would be in August. Very few picked them to beat PSU or Michigan. And now they beat Iowa and people are acting like the season is over.
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  2. N8theGr8

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    If you want to have a special season, you have to win games you aren't supposed to. We technically had a chance in both games, though Penn State got screwed out of that touchdown that would have put things out of reach earlier. I would take our defense over just about any defense in the country. Our offense has more talent at all the skill positions than we've had since the early 2000s. Yet somehow we only put up one touchdown in the past 2 games.

    Realistically, the best we can hope for is a 9-3 season at this point. More likely than not, we'll finish 8-4. That's not special. It's average. It's disappointing. The goal every year should be a Big Ten West Championship. And we have zero margin for error in achieving that goal. All we can do now is hope for a miracle in Madison for this season to be any different than an average Iowa season.
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    From the perspective of Iowa W/Ls, the Hawks at this point in time, I am relaxed. But, it looks like Minnesota and Illinois are playing better than expected and Nebraska is not doing as well as expected. Illinois put up 25 points against the Wolverines so this game looks a lot tougher than I expected. Based on our offense, which cares much more about time of possession than scoring, will lose to Wisconsin, Northwestern, and Minnesota, probably lose to Purdue, and probably beat Illinois and Nebraska. Hopefully the Hawks will beat NW or MN and have a “successful” 7-5 season.

    Nothing to see here, keep moving along ...
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    Can you play the "tough schedule" card after listing those upcoming games?

    Let's check the current records of those you listed

    PU 2-4
    Lovie 2-4
    Minn 6-0 anybody think they're legit?
    Neb 4-3
    NW 1-4
    ……...15-15 brutal !

    3 really hard games, plus ISU and Minn?

    Overall not what I'd call a tough schedule.
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  5. NikeHawk21

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    I don’t really disagree with anything you’ve said here. The goal should be to win the west every year. Knowing what we know now about Wisconsin and how are schedule set up winning the west this year was going to be a challenge.

    Last year was Iowa’s golden opportunity to win the west. Wisconsin was down. Neb and Minny weren’t there yet. Northwestern literally lost to Akron and Duke in the non conference. Iowa had a golden opportunity and they couldn’t do it. I think the coaching staff needs to take plenty of blame for that.

    Last years shortcomings aren’t an indictment on this years team though. Still games left to flip the script. If Iowa goes 9-3 and wins a bowl game that’s a 10 win season. Long ways to go before that but it’s certainly doable.

    I also feel Iowa’s recruiting has improved. I think we are close to top 25 with the 2020 class. That’s pretty high by our standards and given how well we develop players I think that should bode well for the future.
  6. MoseSchrute

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    Fucking Groundhog Day, man. It's getting real old.
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  7. hawkeye23

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    It's only tough when you lose to teams you shouldn't which we probably still will the remainder of the year. I know the Mich game was on the road but that is not a great Mich team either so the expectation should be to win that game with the talent we supposedly have on this team.
  8. hawkeye23

    hawkeye23 Well-Known Member

    I prefer not to wait for teams to be bad. Our team has to be good and we haven't been on one side of the ball. Luckily our D has been really good or else this team would be a disaster.
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  9. MoseSchrute

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    Absolutely correct.
  10. N8theGr8

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    I agree that 9-3 with a Bowl win would be nice and could involve some good wins against good teams. And I wouldn't want to be a Husker fan calling for the coaching staff to be fired after 9 win seasons, because I agree we are trending up talent wise with the recruiting. However, I think the Big Ten is trending up across the board. If we weren't improving, we'd be falling behind. We absolutely have to strike while the iron is hot.

    Case in point, next year is going to hurt real bad. No more Epenesa, Reiff, or Lattimore on defense, both tackles likely gone on our already embattled OLine, and no more Stanley (people will miss him more than they realize). At OSU and at Penn State as our cross over games. Finishing the season against Wisconsin. If Campbell is back at ISU, I think he's overdue for a win. Minnesota and Purdue are away games. With that schedule, 7-5 is probably the ceiling. If we lose to UNI in the opener (remember, they took an ISU team that we beat by 1 point to OT this year), there's a legitimate chance at starting 1-3 heading into a stretch that's MSU, @OSU, @PSU. How does 1-6 sound to start your season?
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    I posted this in another thread and will do so here. I think it is 80% the kid and 20% the coaching that gets these kids to the pros.

    The players have to want it. And I think KF does a pretty good job of finding these kids. And they get to Iowa ready to work their ass off for the next level. And KF has the idea of what it takes and the coaches to help the process. But I think it is mostly the kid that is the reason these kids make it. Look at that super class of 2005(?) that fell to crap. Those were kids that didnt have a work ethic. If you have some ath;eticism and a really high work ethic KF gets you drafted.
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    Jesus who did we piss off at the B1G to draw that schedule? That only further shows how much of a missed opportunity last year was. I wouldn’t say 7-5 is the ceiling though. Reiff has missed time this year and we’ve barely missed a beat so not that concerned there. I don’t think Alaric is NFL ready but maybe he goes.

    Wisconsin is going to lose a lot. Most likely Taylor their two top Olinemen and their two stud linebackers Orr and Baun. Their TE Ferguson might leave early as well.

    But ya early estimate is I wouldn’t like Iowa’s chances in the west next year, which sucks to say out loud.
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  13. Motigerhawk

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    Im not ure I like our chances ever under the ferentz regime
  14. okeefe4prez

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    Shit, I just looked at it. FML. We could have a decent, but not great team, and wind up with 4 wins next year.
  15. NikeHawk21

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    Michigan State loses a ton and we get them in Iowa City. I’d say Iowa 55/45 chance in that one.

    Ohio State and Penn State are losses.

    Iowa State loses a bunch as well and it’s in Kinnick I’d say 60/40 Iowa.

    Wisconsin should lose a good deal but they are still superior. Game at Kinnick I’d say 55/45 Wisconsin.

    I see 8-4 or 7-5 type year.
  16. HuckFinn

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    On the road against ranked Michigan, PSU is #7 in the country, Camp Randall against #6 Wisconsin, MN is undefeated, huge rivalry game vs ISU on the road. Yup. That is a pretty tough schedule.
  17. hawkeyes87

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    Even counting Minn (and they won't be undefeated when we get them, but they'll still be ranked), that's still only 5 of 12 games in the hard/ pretty hard category.
  18. koralakers

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    This very thing has baffled for years. I think the COLLEGE game has EVOLVED way past KF, and the fact we NEVER change ANYTHING makes us easy to beat. Guys like Fitz coach circles around KF
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  19. okeefe4prez

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    Fitz doesn't have the horses to luck into beating a blueblood on those days where everything goes his way, but if he has a decent QB (which he doesn't this year), the guy can absolutely gore the second tier Big Ten programs. If Fitz was at a program like Auburn, Florida or LSU and could keep from getting fired for going 10-2, he could probably win a title once every 8 years or so. Ferentz could never do that.
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    Agreed. Unluckily for us, NW is prolly his DREAM school. So yearly we will continue to witness Fitz making his favorite whopping-boy KF look silly.