Ragaini and Tracy emerging at WR

Discussion in 'Football' started by NikeHawk21, Apr 16, 2019.

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    Good to hear both of these guys are emerging. It sounds like Tracy can play on the outside as well. Also sounded like ISM isn’t having the greatest camp and Smith continues to improve while trying to be more consistent.

    I think Iowa has to simply find ways to get Tyrone Tracy touches this year, whether it be jet sweeps, bubble screens, strait passes etc. They want more big plays this is their opportunity, he should get at least 5 touches a game.
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    One of the interviews I heard (can't remember the player, I think perhaps B. Smith) mentioned that Tracey has been playing every WR position and even some RB.

    Definitely sounds like Copeland is trying to light a fire under ISM and Smith. Over the top praise for the young guys, some pointed criticism towards them. The ball is in their court now.
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    According to Noah Fant, the issue is the "getting it into the hands" part. Let's hope we can get the ball to our playmakers more consistently this coming year. Great to hear we are developing slot players as often...that's a match up with a safety who doesn't like to play on the LOS. Great news!
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    The Black&Gold-Colored glasses are definitely on, can't wait until the fall.

    375 yds/game (148 rush, 228 pass)
    31.2 pts/game
    54.5% running plays, 45.5% passing plays

    My crazy predictions for 2019:
    The run/pass play call ratio is flipped (54% pass, 46% run)
    The RBs will help to make up for loss of TE production in the pass game, and Beyer will be a revelation
    We will run less, but more efficiently (> 4.5 yds/att)
    400 yds/game
    Stanley > 250 yds/game
    35 pts/game
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    We need someone to make big plays. If not Tracy, then who? It's not like the cupboard's full.
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    The only other guy I can think of isn’t on campus yet and that’s Tyler Goodson, but doubt we see a lot of him as a frosh.

    I suppose ISM in space is another good option as well which we showed occasionally last year.
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    I was at today's presser. Unfortunately my Tweet didn't make the cut in the OP. :)

    Definitely some motivational tactics at work today, IMO. Last spring, KF and KC both called out ISM for the phone usage. KC also has been most complimentary of the younger guys since he came here. He gushed over Brandon Smith a year ago and was more critical of him today.

    It's natural to expect more out of your vets.

    I'm not saying Ragaini and Tracy won't help this fall. I think they will. I just wouldn't be expecting Steve Largent and Lynn Swann. ;)
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    I was hoping for another Tim Dwight between the two.
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    I think at the time I posted your tweets weren’t up just yet! Excited to watch the videos later.

    The thing with Iowa is we seem to rely on the slot guy so heavily, these guys are definitely going to be called upon.

    I like that Tracy can potentially play both inside and outside, I’m really high on him and think we need to be creative in finding ways to get the ball in his hands.

    I do agree though there is always some posturing in the way the coaches hype some guys and are critical of others. I don’t think it was any different with Kallenberger on the Oline.
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    I'm trying to take photos, shoot video and Tweet at the same time at these things. The Tweeting usually comes last. :)

    I posted video from KOK and Copeland.

    I'll write up some stories this week as well.
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    Iowa is likely going to need a slot receiver to step up in a big way. I certainly doubt there are 2 TE's on the roster that are going to mimic Fant/TJ
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    I don’t think you replace those guys in any one spot. I personally think improving the run game should be priority #1 and the area where we can see the biggest improvement. Next would be ISM and Smith increasing their production on the outside.
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    Well, the good thing is that we will really get a long hard look at Rigani and Tracy in the Spring Game. I hope they get some recognition on BTN too. That would be awesome...since I watch the BTN hosts suck ass on every other B10 team during their spring contest.

    My God KF...go to Des Moines or Jack Trice for your Spring Game...let the guys get some pub. Is Barta trying to save money due to the unprecedented raises he just gave out?
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    I thought we weren't having a spring game this year because of turf replacement in Kinnick.
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    "My God KF.......... or Jack Trice for your Spring Game...let the guys get some pub. Is Barta trying to save money due to the unprecedented raises he just gave out?[/QUOTE]

    Are you that stupid? Seriously, what a moronic post. Jack Trice?
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    1) Kirk Ferentz is well known to hate the spring game and any public practices. The field turf thing is a perfect excuse.

    2) Your Jack Trice suggestion takes over spots 1-50 of the 50 dumbest things ever posted in this forum. That is so fucking stupid I don’t even know where to begin. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

    On a serious note, that was fucking idiotic. Did you read it before you hit “Post Reply?”
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    Off campus spring games or practices are prohibited by the NCAA after Jimmy boy took scUM to Europe.

    Kirk may not like either, but the field turf thing is a pretty plausible reason, considering they have nowhere else to go, and they're not about to let the public into the practice facility.
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    Steve Largent and Lynn Swann?

    Sadly, approximately 70% of the posters on this forum are now researching the two names to figure out who they are.....
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