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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by storminspank, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. storminspank

    storminspank Justin VanLaere

    I've said this before, but it bears repeating.... if Iowa isn't getting points in transition, on putbacks, or at the line, they are going to be in tight ballgames. Their shooting just isn't there.

    Offensive rebounds are key. Drawing fouls is key (will be easier this year).

    Maybe Iowa finally gets some shots to fall, but with the composition of this team, there still aren't a lot of shooters. Iowa needs to scrap for buckets just like last year and rely on their D to put them over the top.
  2. CAARHawk

    CAARHawk Banned

    The Grizzlies of college hoops.
  3. DowsHawk1

    DowsHawk1 Well-Known Member

    Utoff will help in the half court game. It won't cure all our ills, but we're better off this year then last.
  4. PalmettoHawkFan

    PalmettoHawkFan Well-Known Member

    when jok learns how to run over screens and make better cuts off the ball, his shooting will improve. against UNO he was just running away from people on the baseline.

    ogs is much, much better at working off the ball -- jok has a lot of room to grow there
  5. MiniMoeHawk

    MiniMoeHawk Well-Known Member

    this team will draw plenty of FT opportunities. As long as they continue to hit FT's it will make up for the lack of three pointers made.
  6. bcl20

    bcl20 Well-Known Member

    They continue to get to the line at a high rate (we'll see when we play evenly matched teams) it will be WAY more beneficial than making a couple extra threes will be.
  7. GoHawks24

    GoHawks24 Well-Known Member

    I think we'll be all right, and that some are worrying a little bit too much, too early. Let's play a few more games and see how the shooting goes. We've got to improve over last year's 3-point shooting, right?

    I think this team will still play great defense, and the rebounding will still be solid. People are definitely right though, a lot of our success will depend on how many big shots we're able to hit towards the end of the game. For now, I'm keeping the faith that it WILL improve. Is it Thursday yet!?
  8. MisterLucky

    MisterLucky Well-Known Member

    Jok is too good of a shooter to keep going one fer whatever. He just looks like he's pressing but he's only played in two games. He has always been a guy that HAS to score for his team to have a chance. That's not the case anymore and once he realizes this, I fully expect the time will come when he will be a sharpshooter for us.
  9. trj

    trj Well-Known Member

    Oglesby/McCabe isn't that their sole purpose on this team?.......Olgesby is/was seeing a sports shrink and McCabe lost 15 lbs. and is in the best shape ever.......Once Olgesby is healthy, is it too much to ask to get 2 to 4 3(s) a night out of them?(together, not individually).
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  10. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    I predict we shoot 35% from 3 as a team this season.
  11. SpecialKHawk

    SpecialKHawk Well-Known Member

    I am very happy with the basketball program and Fran. With that said the lingering issue has been the inability to shoot the ball from distance. This is not just an issue over the course of a couple of games but something over multiple seasons. Outside of Gatens streak a couple of years ago it has been pretty dismal and cost us wins and quite possibly a tourney bid last year.

    What can the issue be? With today's game the majority of kids come into college with at least some experience shooting the three ball to some degree. We also see teams from all levels of college basketball come into CHA and stroke the three. Even the bad teams have a guy or two.

    Is there more emphasis on other aspects of the game in practices?
    Are the guys not working hard on their shooting in their developmental time?
    Do we not have a coach on staff that knows how to teach and perfect this skill?
    Is the new practice facility actually hurting us as the guys are not used to shooting against CHA back drops?

    Just throwing stuff out but would like to hear Fran's thoughts on this.
  12. volhawk50

    volhawk50 Well-Known Member

    I would take that, no doubt. We get enough points on fast breaks and free throws that 35% will be plenty. Hell, 37% total from the field was good enough to score 83 Sunday.
  13. oroko

    oroko Well-Known Member

    On crutches at the crap table yesterday, might be a while.
  14. JonnyGuido

    JonnyGuido Well-Known Member

    Against comparable teams on the road or at a neutral site, we will not get to the line like we are now. To win on the road you need to be able to knock down shots. Maybe Fran should bring in a witch doctor to undo the hex that seemingly makes amazing practice shooters go cold once the lights come on.
  15. Motigerhawk

    Motigerhawk Well-Known Member

    Maybe they need to loosen the rims up a bit at CHA.
  16. JonnyGuido

    JonnyGuido Well-Known Member

    Those things are already as loose as vodka Sam after a tailgate. Maybe they should widen the holes, I mean hoops
  17. PalmettoHawkFan

    PalmettoHawkFan Well-Known Member

    apart from the bartles-kingsbury team in '95, I can't remember an iowa team that could hit a lot of 3s regularly

    it's something in the ****-and-span tasting iowa city water

    the city simply needs a new water treatment system. then iowa's 3 pt% instantly goes up 5%.
  18. Bigtenchamp

    Bigtenchamp Well-Known Member

    That's not really true.. recker and haluska could shoot 3's okay.... Horner could shot 3's...gatens could shot 3's.... we've had guys in the past but last year plus this year so far have been pretty bad
  19. woodyk1

    woodyk1 Well-Known Member

    So long ago ...

    Iowa's Justin Johnson Hits Eight Three Pointers Against OSU - YouTube