Refs going to the monitor during the last minute.

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by hawkeyewx, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. hawkeyewx

    hawkeyewx Well-Known Member

    I know we want everything to be accurate, but I wish there was a better way to do it than have the refs go to the monitor for 1-3 minutes multiple times during the last minute of games.
  2. HawkeyeHypnosis

    HawkeyeHypnosis Well-Known Member

    I swear I saw the point totals change in the middle of a play randomly.
  3. The Big LeHAWKski

    The Big LeHAWKski Well-Known Member

    Agree it kills momentum, which can help or hurt depending on how you're playing at the time.
    I think always better to get it right...if it take a couple minutes so be it.
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  4. thedukeofearl

    thedukeofearl Well-Known Member

    Might have worked to our favor today

    Gave us a chance to settle down

    And leave the Bearcats in panic mode
  5. hawkeyewx

    hawkeyewx Well-Known Member

    I understand going to the monitor for crucial decisions, but it seems like after every foul, made shot, and out-of-bounds ball the refs are going to the monitor to see if a couple tenths have to be put on the clock. I'm not sure that's really necessary if it's not the last ten seconds of the game.
  6. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    They accidentally gave Cincinnati 2 points once. Took awhile to change it back. I was getting nervous they weren't going to.
  7. 99topdawg

    99topdawg Well-Known Member

    It seemed to ice JBo, although that was just the clock operator being an idiot and not a matter of a couple of tenths.
  8. 99topdawg

    99topdawg Well-Known Member

    I was thinking this as well. Would you rather have them make mistakes with no chance to correct them? I don't know which I'd rather have, because the delays are really frustrating. The technology's there to make the right calls, but it takes forever. Maybe give coaches 1 or 2 challenges in the last 2 minutes with players staying on the court instead of going to the bench. Put a time limit on reviews? If you can't tell in, say, 20 seconds, let the play stand.
  9. thedukeofearl

    thedukeofearl Well-Known Member

    If one is looking at the best camera angle, in most cases, it will be obvious. If it is too close to call, then go with the call on the floor

    It is irritating but I think it is best to get it as right as possible

    From home, watching the replays it doesn't take too long to see what the right call should be, unless it wouldn't favor the Hawkeyes

    Of course
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  10. HobbieHawk

    HobbieHawk Well-Known Member

    Repeatedly 'Accidentally' let the clock run after Cincinnati was out of TOs?
    Not suspicious at all
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