Reggie loves Iowa, but I think he loves Florida more

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by tksirius, Jun 13, 2018.

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    By far and away the longest NBA career of any Hawkeye.
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    I'd have to check on Don Nelson and Downtown Freddie Brown but you may be right. Reggie had a similiar career to former Alcorn State star Larry Smith, who starred for Golden State and others in the eighties/early nineties.
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    Evans had one more year than Nelson, but Nelson did have more games
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    There you go. Nelson probably had more rings, though. And he had his moments as a coach, too.
    Interesting Nelson story. In 1989 he needed a point guard and fellowmalum BJ Armstrong, who Nelson had seen often in college, was available. He instead went for UTEP's Tim Hardaway, who once gave Iowa all they could handle in an NCAA game. Hardaway turned out to be a better player but BJ was no slouch, and got three rings.
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    Not according to this
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    I googled Evans net worth and it said it was around ten million dollars. I think that probably is a little low.
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    I didn't realize Guy Rucker had a cup of coffee in the NBA. He was an effective player during his time at Iowa.

    William Mayfield was a tremendously underrated player who starred in the early Lute Olson years but missed out on the final four team by one season. He was a senior in 1979 when Iowa made it's first NCAA appearance since 1970.
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    My favorite Hawkeye ever.

    When Barclays was first built in Brooklyn I happened to be visiting the city and attended a game just to watch Reggie play. He put up something like 20 points and 20 rebounds that game and the whole arena was chanting 'REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE!' I like to pretend he put on that performance knowing I was there watching him.
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    If his girls rebound like he did Bluder better keep his address. She could use some toughness on her teams.
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    Don Nelson and BJ Armstrong have already been mentioned and as far as post-Davis guys go yeah, not even close.

    Brad Lohaus and Matt Bullard had pretty long NBA careers. So did Ryan Bowen and Ricky Davis.
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    Bobby Hansen, 83-92 and he has a ring.
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    According to basketball reference he earned $32.3M in NBA contracts alone. Not sure what kind of endorsements he may have had. The NBA also has a really good pension plan. I believe 10-year players get $124,000 a year for life (which I believe gets adjusted at collective bargaining to account for inflation)
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    I can see why the guy is smiling.
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    Interesting story on how Hansen was drafted. Frank Layden, who was Utah's coach and general manager at the time, spotted Hansen while watching footage of another Big Ten player (possibly Indiana's Randy Wittman). Anyway, Hansen caught Layden's eye to the point where he was drafted in the third (out of ten back then) round and started getting significant playing time his second year when Darrell Griffith, of all people, started to accumulate numerous nagging injuries. Hansen played a key role in giving the Lakers and Rockets fits in the playoffs and finally got his ring in 1992 with the Bulls.

    There are other examples of this in sports, particularly when scouting wasn't as advanced. The LA Rams drafted Deacon Jones after spotting him while watching film of a rival. John Maddon at the 1974 Senior Bowl was interested in Too Tall Jones, like everyone else was (Jones went #1 overall that year) but became even more interested in tackle Henry Lawrence after seeing Lawrence effectively control Too Tall's pass rush moves.
    Lawrence ended up winning a super Bowl before Jones did.

    Incidentally, Utah also drafted Jeff Moe in 1988. By then, Jerry Sloan was their head coach and Sloan was a big reason why Hansen became a valuable defensive stopper and played a decade in the league. He outlasted many players who had more ability and hype and earned the distinction of playing on an NCAA Final Four team and an NBA Champion.
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    Interestingly enough, Reggie is pretty similar physically to T Cook. Reggie is obviously a more fierce rebounder and defender, but most would say Cook is more talented (at similar points in their career).

    Yet, I doubt Cook will have half the NBA career Reggie has.
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    Guys who are willing to do unglamorous dirty work can last a long time in the NBA. Guys like Evans and the aforementioned Larry Smith, Rodman, George Johnson, Harvey Catchings, Kurt Rambis, Tree Rollins, Caldwell Jones and about four of his brothers. Actually I'm starting to reach a bit, because Caldwell Jones had an underrated all around game, and I could mention the ultimate offensive rebounding machine Moses Malone, but that would really be reaching. Moses is probably one of the top 25 or 30 players of all time.
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    Deacon Jones ... with the all time cringe-worthy quote about the head slap. Talk about old school. :)

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    No doubt. I had a pipe dream of hope that Reggie might play against Cook in the PTL that has since closed up shop. I would think Reggie spending some time with Cook might help his game. Reggie played in that BIG 3 deal last summer and I think he is again this year. Dude is a banger and could really help show Cook some of what it takes to get to the next level and not just survive but carve out a lasting nitch. Scoring is great and all but tell me why Cook physically couldn't do what Evans did? Cook is bigger and more athletic if anything than Evans but I have a feeling Cook just doesn't have the mental side of it down. Evans was pretty darn smart too. He wasn't just a chicken hustling with his head cutoff out there. He got himself in the right spots and worked harder. There's so much 'potential' oozing from Cook it'd be a shame if he doesn't get close to finding out how high his ceiling is.
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    Tough guys: I cannot believe you guys have not focused in on "Jungle Jim" Luskitov (sp.?)
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