Remember when? You too Jon...

Discussion in 'Football' started by rjbaustian, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Just seemed like a weird coincidence that this was the only opposing coach's presser you chose to print...guess it was simply a problem...Go Hawks!
  2. SamsonHawk515

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    There is no gloating about this years team, when Iowa beats a top 25 program I'll eat crow, 7 and 5 is an OK year.

    With that said, any quality team we played we lost the game, not sure how you can jump around when we beat two teams with a winning record and the rest have barely scratched two wins.
  3. okeefe4prez

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    Um, yeah, brah, it is. Ferentz finally beat ISU and Northwestern in the same season. A good game on Friday and we wind up 8-4. Only one marginally bad loss. All this on the heels of a 4-8 season. The middle of the B1G is obviously down, but when we have a shot at 5-3 in conference with a new QB and that schedule we had, I gotta say it is a season of epic proportions. If we get to 9 wins (with the bowl), Ferentz should be national coach of the year.
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    ya momma
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    So Wisconsin beat a ranked team in Minny (they were 8-2) and ranked #25, so according to you, that is a "good win".....yet Iowa beat Minnesota when they were 4-0, but unranked, so that isn't a good win???

    The whole beat a ranked team is overplayed and stupid. Where they end up at the end of the year is what should count, (kind of like the RIP, Kenpom, etc). Lets see how good your opponents were at the end of the year.
  7. HawkIMalaise

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    I think we would beat NIU now, but very well could lose to Minnesota now. Next year should be interesting.
  8. ibahawkeye

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    Wait what??? The Minnesota team you called garbage about an hour ago??
  9. kmurp

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    Not sure what you are getting at here.
  10. HawkIMalaise

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    Welp. I guess what I am saying top to bottom the $EC this year has better teams than the Big 10. I'm guessing if Minnesota were to play LSU or A&M, they would lose....
  11. HawkIMalaise

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    Are you one of these idiots who blathers on about "developmental" programs? Or is that only reserve status and cover for when Kirk loses to Iowa State early in the year?
  12. okeefe4prez

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    Mizzou and A&M just went to the SEC from the Big 8. They were both marginal programs at best in the Big 8. Mizzou cancelled a planned series against Iowa because they were scurred. Iowa pounded Mizzou in a bowl game. I'm not saying they are bad teams, but the success of those consistently marginal teams in the SEC makes me think the SEC ain't all it's cracked up to be. Hell, Nebraska was among the class of the Big 8 and they've lost to or been on the ropes against Northwestern every year. And that is historically the worst B1G program. Northwestern pounded Vandy the last two times they played, but Vandy got sick of it and cancelled the freaking series because they're scurred just like Mizzou was against Iowa.

    Let me make this clear. Alabama is darn good. The rest of the SEC is only "good" in the eyes of the mass media who tells the world how good the SEC is. Freaking Florida just lost to Georgia freaking Southern. Below is a list of SEC powerhouses that could have come into Iowa City and won last weekend:

    1) Alabama
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    Play on playa :)
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    I agree. That's true most years, I think.
  15. rjbaustian

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    Why is everyone that disgrees with you either and idiot or a tool? Seems to me MOST of us in this thread disagree with you....ya idiotic tool! :)
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    Oh yeah.... (Fistbump to chest) Iowa is probably the 40th best football team in the nation. Yeah... You can't beat that....

    Hawk fans.... Cubs fans....
  17. okeefe4prez

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    Hey moron, we're ranked 35th. Now scram.
  18. Xerxes

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    I was one of them regarding the offense. Only I don't believe the sky is falling. I believe it already fell. 14 years of evidence doesn't lie. Kirk's offense is a mess.

    Fortunately, Iowa has a defense that has the ability to bail out the offense.
  19. 1hawkeye1

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    Everybody loves "I told you so" guy and his "how awesome am I" threads.

    Yes, iowa's record is better than I predicted. The odd part is, I don't feel that Iowa is playing better than I thought they would. I thinks it's more like:
    Michigan sucks more than I thought they would.
    Northwestern sucks more than I thought they would.
    Iowa State sucks more than I thought they would.

    It's not like we dominated any of those teams. All three of those could easily have been lost.

    But credit where due. They won.
  20. jbuch26

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    I gotta say...I was thinking about writing this same post (for the most part); I think this was a good one. I've enjoyed most of the replies as well.

    As far as the "Iowa hasn't beaten anybody" argument, I'm not buying it. Minnesota is a good team, and although Michigan has its issues, that's still a proud team with talent. When Colter is healthy, Northwestern is good. And if you have to beat a highly ranked team to get any credit, who has Wisconsin beat? Or Clemson? How about Louisville? Baylor? Anybody that's watched those teams I just listed knows they're all good teams. (And YES...I know that there are a few ranked teams that Clemson and Baylor have beaten....buts it’s not like you can list out 3 teams in the Too 15 that they've beat or even played.)

    And as far as the "Iowa could just as easily be 5-7" argument, I'm not buying that either. The Hawks were in and even leading all four of those games. So by that rationale, Iowa could also be 11-0. A W is a W, and an L is an L. But it DOES matter that the teams you've lost to are 40-3. The Hawks have played a TOUGH SCHEDULE. Most teams would have a 3-5 losses (or much more) by now with Iowa's schedule.

    And the Hawks started a QB at the beginning of the year that never played a college football game before. Can that at least be taken into consideration? Look at Michigan State with Connor takes time.

    2010 and 2012 were painful. I get it. But this is a fun season...and it’s OK to just enjoy it.