Riley Till Put on Scholarship for Next Season

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, May 15, 2019.

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    Riley Till Earns Scholarship

    IOWA CITY, Iowa -- University of Iowa head men’s basketball coach Fran McCaffery announced Wednesday that redshirt junior Riley Till will be put on scholarship for the 2019-20 season.

    Till (6-foot-7, 205 pounds), who was a walk-on the past three seasons, saw his minutes increase last season as a redshirt sophomore. The Dubuque, Iowa, native played in 16 games a year ago and had an impact in a handful of wins in 2018-19, including victories over No. 13 Oregon and Iowa’s comeback win at Penn State.

    “I feel blessed and I thank God, coach McCaffery and staff, and my teammates for always believing in me and pushing me to be my best,” said Till. “I am grateful for the constant support of my family as well as the amazing Hawkeye fan base. Being an Iowa Hawkeye is a dream come true and I look forward to getting back to work with my brothers.”

    Till was a two-year starter at Dubuque Wahlert High School, playing alongside current Hawkeye teammate Cordell Pemsl.

    “Riley earned this scholarship," said McCaffery. "He is the consummate teammate, a good student, and has worked extremely hard to improve his game the past three years. He has helped our team, and makes us better.”
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    Fantastic! :rolleyes:
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    Great for Till - this should properly piss the savants off tho, so it's an added bonus.
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    Good for Riley! Not a bad move by Fran IMO. The naysayers will be mad because it's using up a scholarship on a walk-on but it's doubtful Fran would have filled all scholarships the next 2 years anyways. I mean he had 1 scholarship open all of this past year when 3 guys were redshirting. You can only play so many guys at a time and most guys won't be happy being the 10th, 11th, or 12th, guy like Riley.
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    Great for Riley. I actually think he will give us some quality spot minutes next year. Seems to be a good defensive player which Iowa needs as much of as they can get.

    This one scholarship isn’t a big issue, but Fran does have a big issue with his scholarships right now. We banked one last year, we are set to bank two this year, that’s not ideal.
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    Good move by Fran. Great move for Riley!
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    Unrelated to the Riley thing, I have no issue with him getting this scholarship.

    On last year though, in theory though we could have used that scholarship to upgrade our roster. Connor McCaffery and Dailey by the numbers were below average players who could have been replaced by someone better... again in theory.
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    I'm happy for Riley, as we all are. But as an Iowa fan this says a lot about the current state of the program and lack of direction or creativity. We miss out on every transfer/grad transfer and don't even offer a JUCO player that winds up at Virginia, and our big coaching move involves hiring a video coordinator with no prior coaching experience.
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    Agree.Happy for Tough Hawk.
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    Most definitely but in theory that's more of a talent thing for guys 1-10 then it is having scholarship 12 and/or 13 open. Guys with poor stat lines shouldn't be in the rotation to begin with. Which can lead to a whole 'nother conversation but I'd rather not go down that rabbit hole in this thread meant for Riley. :)
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    I think the argument would be using all the scholarships would give you more chances to find a quality player. Now that’s not always realistic giving all the three factors that are at play, but as I said banking one scholarship last year and likely two this year is not ideal.
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    There's our Baer for next year. If he can shoot from the outside.

    Obviously he would need to be game tested all the way around. He hasn't played a large amount of meaningful minutes to date. But he must be showing something everyday or Fran wouldn't have awarded the scholly nor would Tyler have commented the way he did.
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    You're giving Fran too much credit, almost like he knows what he's doing...
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    We still have 2 more open so giving this one away doesn't really matter at all. Is this a one year deal or does he have it until he graduates?